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Todd McShay Mock Draft: Cowboys Select A Wide Receiver, Passing On Barr & Ealy

The latest Todd McShay draft has a shocker pick for the Cowboys.

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Todd McShay's latest mock draft is a little bit different. As he puts it: The mock drafts I've put together over the past five months have been projections of the picks I think each team would make at that particular draft position. For this one, we're mixing things up a bit. The picks you see below are the players I would choose if making the picks for each team, not what I'm necessarily expecting to happen on draft night.

So with McShay as the Cowboys GM, he makes a pick almost no one has made for the Cowboys so far.

16. Dallas Cowboys: Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State
I'd be looking to trade back or up if I were put in this situation -- but remember, one of the rules of this exercise is that there are no trades. Louisville safety Calvin Pryor isn't the fit I'm looking for here, as the Cowboys need a safety with more range, and while Twitter might explode if the Cowboys took Johnny Manziel at No. 16, I'm not going to do that. Receiver is certainly down the line in terms of need, but I think Cooks could be a big-time playmaker alongside Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams because of his route-running ability and top-end speed. It's all about allowing Tony Romo to succeed for Dallas, and drafting Cooks would serve that purpose.

This is interesting, adding another big-time weapon to the offense. It's almost as if McShay is saying, the heck with stopping people on defense, we're just going to overwhelm them on offense and dare them to keep up. I'm not sure I can concur with this line of thought. At some point, Dallas has to give some attention to the defense. And if not to the defense, then shoring up an offensive line that still has some shaky pieces to it seems like the right move.

In making this pick, McShay passed over Anthony Barr, who he sends to the 49ers at pick #30, and Kony Ealy, who goes one spot later (#31) to the Denver Broncos. That's interesting in itself considering the Broncos just signed DeMarcus Ware. Oh yeah, he also passed on Johnny Manziel.

Earlier today, OCC penned an article addressing this situation. What do you think of this specific scenario?

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