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Fancying The Fanposts: Some Interesting Reads From Our Community

We can't forget some of the masterful work being turned in by our community members as we head towards the draft.

Jonathan Daniel

We aren't the only ones.

As a community, the front-page writers are very humbled by the dedication our community has towards our efforts. We strive to create a balance between giving you our personal takes on any and all things Cowboys and also making sure to keep you up-to-date on the most respected views from the Cowboys media community. It's a tough job, but the appreciation shown to us from the community in the comments and simply by reading what we post is difficult to put into words. We love what we do, and it's all about having a chance to discuss the Dallas Cowboys with you.

However, we are more than just the front-page writers here. All of us that currently exist under the esteemed leadership of Dave Halprin were elevated from that series of articles down the right-hand alley of the site (although it looked a lot different when we were there) known as FanPosts. There is such a wealth of knowledge and quality opinion that exists in those posts, I felt it necessary to highlight a few that have caught my attention recently. I'll summarize each post here, but implore you to click on the headlines and give the entire article a thorough read.


Fallen Stars: A Look At Can't Miss Prospects Who Missed | Crunchberry

Crunch takes a fascinating look at the the last six years of five-star recruits and how their collegiate careers turned out; providing context for why they may or may not have succeeded. There are 29 such recruits eligible for the 2014 NFL draft and their projections are littered throughout the draft's seven rounds.

There are countless reasons why a once highly-touted 18 year old kid might not realize his potential - injuries, academic struggles, poor scheme fit, the coaching staff that recruited him is fired, home sickness, poor judgment, immaturity, failure to develop, or even the possibility that the player was overrated to begin with. Remembering what I was like at 18, I'm more willing to forgive transgressions at that age than I am with a more mature adult. Could there be other tarnished gems out there worth a look?

There are profiles on many under the radar players, you might just find yourself a last-minute pet cat in the group.


Community Exercise - When You're Not On BTB You... | Rathos

Nothing builds a community more than getting information on some outside of their screen name. Some folks, you'd rather just let them exist somewhere in cyberspace. Others have backstories that may be of interest to you. Rathos shares his background and his passion for time lapse photos of the stars up above including some mesmerizing images. The community responded with their stories of what they do when they aren't here on the site. Go read up on your community mates, and add your story as well.


The Case Of The Preposterously Plastered President | Yellowbeard

Did you know we have a resident novelist here at BTB? Yellowbeard consistently blesses us with his glorious tales of the adventures of Detective Dick Diamond. I can't even do justice to what he puts together in this epic series, so here's a short snippet.

Rubbed the peppered stubble on my chin and sighed as I glared at the building across the street. Last time I stood here my hair was less grey.....Eyes were less bloodshot.....Shoulders were less stooped.....Blood was less than 100 proof.....Shrugged. Damn, it's been a while.

Too much rhetoric, Diamond. You're stallin'. Ran a hand through my hair and scratched behind my ear. I'm actin' like a nancy. One foot in front of the other, ya mook.

"Long time, Dick." Short, broad-shouldered man with a stoic expression extended his hand. Was the first to greet me as I entered the precinct. Detective Mike Sullivan. Could stick five billiard balls in his mouth at once. Won some serious scratch in a few dives with that little trick.

"Mike." Took his hand, wincin'. "Damn, flatfoot. Still got a grip like a Wisconsin milkin' machine, I see."

"And you still dress like a bum.," he sneared. "Speakin' of milking machines.....Your Ma hit one million served yet?"

"Yep. Back in February. 'Bout a week after your sister."



Cowboys '14 Draft Strategy: Needs, Targets and Mock Drafts | Kegbearer

Former FPW Kegbearer continues to turn out quality writes for the community. Here, he gives his draft manifesto when he reviews the holes in the roster and possible fills for them. He organizes the tiers by Priority Needs, Pressing Issues or Projects, then dives into the strategy he thinks the team should employ. He finishes things off with multiple mocks that focus on different strategies and adds a poll for you to decide which one suits you best. We love polls. Give it a look.


There are countless other FanPosts worthy of your attention that are posted on a regular basis. Writers such as Scarlet O, 5Blings, Dr. P and many others bless us with their analysis and literary skills on a regular basis. Have something to say that deserves more attention than a comment in a thread? Create a FanPost and share it with the masses! Reading FanPosts? Don't be stingy; if you like it, rec it! Those go along way in showing gratitude to the author and it costs you nothing except for being one-click closer to carpal tunnel syndrome!

We have one of the best communities on the web here at Blogging The Boys, make sure you aren't missing out on any of it. Cheers!

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