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Cowboys Mock Draft 2014: Kony Ealy, Johnny Manziel, Even Teddy Bridgewater Makes A Cameo

A couple of different looks at mock drafts.

Sean Gardner

Our friends at SB Nation's Mocking The Draft are back with another mock draft on a Monday. This time around, they go with a "What feels right" draft. Basically, the common sense draft. They express it this way:

This week's mock draft is all about comfort. Forget the trades - teams don't even know them yet. Forget the rumors - many of which currently surround the hot stock of Indiana wide receiver Cody Latimer or Pittsburgh quarterback Tom Savage. Heck, even forget doing two rounds - the accuracy of these things for even one round is suspect.

It's all about what seems to make sense. So with that in mind, what feels right for the Cowboys?

16. Dallas Cowboys: Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri Ealy can be used a variety of ways on defense. He can line up as a traditional four-end, moved inside on nickel plays and even move out to linebacker on occasion. He would help the Cowboys replace the pass-rush presence lost in the DeMarcus Ware release.

On one level this does make sense. Dallas needs a pass-rushing defensive end. Anthony Barr is already gone to the Titans at #11, and even though he's not a defensive end, BTB favorite (and everybody's favorite nowadays), Aaron Donald, goes to the Bears at #14. So based on that Ealy does make sense.

But does he really make sense here? More than a few big boards have Ealy as a bit of a reach here. Here's an article asking the question if Ealy is really a first round pick.

The Cowboys might be better served trading down in this scenario. Or does Zack Martin make more sense? He goes to the Ravens at #17 in this mock.

Maybe Dallas should go strict BPA if Barr and Donald are gone. What would that look like? Our Miami Dolphins site, The Phinsidertook on that exact exercise for all 32 teams. They looked at the big boards of eight sources (SB Nation, Todd McShay, Mel Kiper, CBS, Walter Football,, USA Today, Yahoo Sports) and ran a mock draft giving each team the BPA from each board, without regard to need. Under that scenario the Cowboys end up with:

Dallas Cowboys
Blogging the Boys
SB Nation Mel Kiper Todd McShay CBS Sports Walter Football USA Today Yahoo Sports
Johnny Manziel Teddy Bridgewater Johnny Manziel Zack Martin Calvin Pryor Calvin Pryor Louis Nix III Taylor Lewan

There's that name again, Johnny Manziel. Lately, it just won't stop popping up with respect to the Cowboys. Take this from Peter King:

Come to find out that one team, at the NFL scouting combine, spent the entire 15-minute individual interview period with Manziel talking only about his personal life and his run-ins with trouble. When the horn blew to signify he had to go to his next speed-date, Manziel asked team officials and coaches in the room, "Any football questions?" There were none … This, by the way, from one NFL offensive coordinator whose team will not be choosing a quarterback high in this draft: "If I had the first pick in the draft, I’d take Manziel." …  I absolutely buy Dallas’ interest in Manziel. One: He is Jerry Jones’s kind of guy, and I believe Jones all along has had half an eye on Manziel, particularly if he could get him at a bargain position—say, the middle of the second round. I don’t believe Manziel will make it out of the first round, of course, but Jones could be sorely tempted at No. 16 overall if Manziel were there. Two: Tony Romo turned 34 last Monday, and his back is balky and twice surgically repaired, and Troy Aikman has been sounding the clarion call about the dangers of fooling with a bad back. Three: See number one.

I just don't see it. What about you?

A video breakdown of the SB Nation mock draft.

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