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Gil Brandt: "If Cowboys Want Aaron Donald They'll Need To Move Up."

Should the Cowboys move up for Aaron Donald in the draft? Gil Brandt thinks they might have to.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Gil Brandt, Vice President of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys from 1960 to 1988 and now an analyst for, took to Twitter yesterday to answer some draft-related questions. This one right here is of great interest to Cowboys fans:

I think back fondly to January and early February of this year, when self-styled draft experts were ranking Aaron Donald as a borderline first-rounder and Donald was considered a reach at No. 16 for the Cowboys.


Today, Donald is considered not just the top defensive tackle in the draft, but sources as diverse as CBSSports, DraftInsider, and Bryan Broaddus consider Donald a Top Ten prospect, which effectively removes Donald from consideration at No. 16.

But Brandt isn't overly concerned about that for the Cowboys, and suggests they'd be better off with a safety anyway:


A few other thoughts from Gil Brandt's Q&A yesterday....

About passing on Johnny Manziel

Brandt isn't buying the Manziel-to-Dallas headlines.

Will Sutton has been gaining some traction on BTB, but not with Brandt.

The Cowboys brought in Texas DT Chris Whaley for a pre-draft visit, Brandt likes him too.

Liberty CB Walt Aikens had a private workout with the Cowboys a few weeks ago.

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