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Chris Johnson Pursued By Cowboys? The Rumors Are Flying, But Do They Have Any Merit?

The Titans are expected to release Chris Johnson later today. One writer has spurred an avalanche of stories stating the Cowboys have interest.

Stephen Dunn

Here we go, a veteran player is going to be released into free agency and the Dallas Cowboys name comes up as a team that is in pursuit of said player. In case you haven't been following, the Tennessee Titans are not willing to pay running back Chris Johnson for the upcoming season. The have been actively shopping him in a trade, and Johnson has supposedly said he's willing to take a pay cut if he's traded, but nobody bit. So the rumor is that later today the Titans will release Johnson.

Now, the Cowboys name is coming up in terms of serious suitors along with the Jets. Where is this coming from?Apparently a report from FOX Sports Mike Garofolo. He claims the Cowboys had talked with the Titans about Johnson when they were trying to trade him but no deal was reached.

Others have joined in with PFT and reporting the rumor and running with it. Even Ian Rapoport has gotten in on it.

But our good friend Mike Fisher says this is all hot air, that no Cowboys sources are saying anything about pursuing Johnson. He believes this is likely an agent trying to conjure up a market.

It sounds like some bull to me, too. The Cowboys have been amazingly disciplined in how they spend their money this offseason, and they have a back in DeMarco Murray who is a lead dog when healthy. Murray also seems to fit the plans of Scott Linehan. They have Lance Dunabar in the wings as the change-of-pace scat back, as long as he remains healthy. Nothing about this seems to make sense. But I guess the rumor mill will churn. We'll see how it plays out if the Titans do release Johnson later today.

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