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OTAs: A Break From The Off-Season Doldrums At Last

Springtime comes and a middle aged female staff writer's thoughts turn to what else but ... FOOTBALL.

Chris Trotman

Let's face it, for most of us, the football season is far too short to begin with. Sixteen weekends a year we are blessed to watch our beloved Dallas Cowboys take to the gridiron. That means that over the course of a year, more than 2/3s of the weekends are essentially wasted. Fans have to find ways to fill time, and we certainly do.

Of late, Dallas fans have started the new year of by joining in the frenzy of those teams whose entire post season ritual revolves around the NFL Draft and free agency. While such speculation provides us with the opportunity to play GM for several weeks, talking football is not the same when the pads are not popping.

Meanwhile, over at the Death Star, Jerry's Palace, or whatever phrase you want to use to refer to AT&T Stadium; things have become so desperately football-starved that they have resorted to playing basketball. Fortunately thought, such nonsense is about to come to an end.

Today I come to you bearing tidings of good news and great joy. We have almost made it through another drought of football. Just two weeks from this coming Monday the Dallas Cowboys will get together and at least pretend that it is time for football. The team will begin their offseason workout program on April 21st, which in turn will lead to the first of their ten Organized Team Actiovities (OTA dates: May 27-29, June 2nd, 4th and 5th. Also June 9-12). It might not be real football, but like a warm and sunny day in mid-February, it is a harbinger of things to come.

My friends, once again it looks like we have survived the NFL off-season. I for one have grown weary of debating questions like "Should the Cowboys draft Attila the Hun to replace DeMarcus Ware" or "Does Genghis Kahn fit into Rod Marinelli's scheme". Though off-season speculation is fun for a while, it is time to move on. To paraphrase country singer and football fan Hank Williams, Jr.:

Are you ready for some (pretend) football?

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