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BTB Community Mock Draft No. 7: The Bridge To Tampa Bay

Our community mock continues with the Tampa Bay Bucs on the clock!

The 2014 BTB Community Draft continues!

This is our favorite opportunity to interact with our community and allow them some front-page limelight, while simultaneously getting our first in-depth look at several candidates for the draft's first round.

This will be much more than just one community member's idea of how to help out their assigned teams. After each selection is forwarded to me, I will gather all of the pertinent information about this prospect from some of the internet's best draft resources. We will try to highlight the profile's best and worst traits, so that our reader's are highly educated come May 8th when these guys names are called.

To keep things simple, no trades are allowed; I think for a one round exercise that does little to actually project how things are going to turn out. One GM, one team, one pick. Let's get it on!


Draft Pick # 7

Team Name: Tampa Bay Bucs

GM: DaJugganot

Selection: (QB) Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville

Why the pick:

There were a host of possibilities at this spot. Taylor Lewan. Eric Ebron. Sammy Watkins. Anthony Barr. But for me, the prospect of having previously downtrodden benchwarmer-turned-wunderkind(thanks coach Trestman!) Josh McCown as the day one starter is...terrifying. Also, the fact that McCown was chosen to start practically the same day Lovie got the gig in Tampa, means that they have probably negative twenty faith points in previous franchise savior Mike Glennon.

I don't really see any glaring deficiencies in Teddy's game. Skinny? Maybe a little. That's what weight programs are for though. Bad pro day? It was average at best. Want to know some great pro day performers? Andrew Luck. Robert Griffin the Redskin. Jamarcus Russell. Ryan Leaf. In summary? Great pro days are not automatically indicative of great pro careers. Tape is about as close as we'll get.

The young lad has thrown for nearly 8,000 yards in the last two seasons, along with 58 td's and just 12 int's. He wasn't playing against SEC caliber opponents, but he also wasn't playing with SEC caliber talent. But the time I saw him go up against an SEC opponent? Smashed those pink cookies with pro level poise and decision making. Some pretty throws, as well. The dude is a beast.

If the Bucs take him with their first pick, this time next year we'll be saying that the Panthers' reign on the top was short like leprechauns.

Teddy says turn off the lights.


HIGH PRIORITY TEAM NEEDS (lower number indicates higher priority) according to

-- Threat Level Red (priority 1-2): Guard

-- Threat Level Orange (priority 3-4): Quarterback, Feature Receiver, Speed Receiver, 4-3 Outside Backer, 4-3 Inside Backer, Right Tackle, Left Tackle, 4-3 Defensive Tackle, 4-3 Defensive End, Corner

-- Threat Level Yellow (priority 5-6): Free Safety, Center, Feature Back, COP Back

-- Threat Level Green (priority 9): Strong Safety


-- ranked #2 Overall, #1 at the position

-- Russ Lande, National Football Post: #7 Overall, #1 at the position

-- ranked #9 overall, #3 at the position

-- DraftInsider.Net ranked #6 overall, #2 at the position

-- ranked #1 at the position

-- DraftCountdown ranked #8 overall, #1 at the position

-- ranked #10 overall, #3 at the position

-- Mike Mayock ranked #3 at the position

-- Josh Norris ranked #1 overall, #1 at the position

-- profile (Dane Brugler):


Comes from a pro-style offense at Louisville, and was among the nation's leaders in all passing categories when facing blitzes. Naturally steps through his progressions, and keeps his eyes focused downfield with defenders closing in on him. Can manipulate the defense with his eyes.

Shows very good weight distribution and passing mechanics. Steps into the face of pressure and delivers, showing admirable toughness on each snap to bounce back after big hits.

Smooth mobility to extend and move the pocket with the quickness to pick up yards with his legs if needed. Impressive accuracy and touch on throws to all levels of the field, and displays good accuracy while on the move.

Quick and efficient movements in his technique and does an excellent job with fakes, selling and focusing on the details. He is poised and with very good footwork in the pocket. Can keep defenses guessing with a sprinkling of read-option looks.

Mature and grounded individual who obviously loves football. Sharp-witted and retains information extremely well. Makes it look easy on the field and appears to "get it," elevating the play of those around him.


Although quick, Bridgewater has a lower than ideal release point with the ball shooting passed his ear. Some durability concerns after all the hits he has taken over his career, specifically to his wrist and ankle. He's mobile enough to extend plays, but isn't a true dual-threat quarterback.

Room to improve his touch and ball placement on downfield throws. Strong performances in big games including against Florida in the Sugar Bowl following the 2012 season, but played mediocre talent on a weekly basis in the American Athletic Conference.

COMPARES TO: Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks - NFL analysts often say that if Russell Wilson was 3-4 inches taller, he would have been a first round pick. Well, that might hold true with Bridgewater, who is a similar prospect as Wilson (smart, athletic, mature, accurate) except he is taller with more prototypical height for the NFL.


'13 Teddy Bridgewater vs UConn

'12 Bridgewater vs Florida

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