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You're Going To Root For UDFA L'Damian Washington

Some people, you cheer for immediately. This poignant video into a new Cowboy will give you all the reason you need to pull for the underdog.

Eric Francis

This dude is fast, really fast.

When I first started this draft process months ago, my mission was simple. The first rule to identifying good fits for the Dallas Cowboys was to identify what they didn't have. When it came to the receiver position it was easy; someone really tall and someone really fast.

L'Damian Washington of the then upstart Missouri Tigers stood out to me immediately. Standing at 6'4" and running a sub 4.4 forty-yard dash means that he had everything the Cowboys were missing. In fact, Washington contends that the 4.39 he was clocked at for his Pro Day was slow for him.

Even that time, he took a bit of issue with. He said he heard a 4.34. Even a 4.26.

At any rate, he's not messing with the 4.4s any longer.

"I don't think I'm a 4.4 guy, just to be honest," Washington said. "I feel like my bad day is a 4.4. Not to sound cocky, but I wasn't pleased with a 4.4, if that's what I ran."

Sure, Dez Bryant has incredible leaping ability and both he and Terrence Williams have enough speed to get behind the defense. But the team didn't have the super size receiver or the gazelle to take the top off the defense. Washington is that guy.

He met the profile I was looking for so well, I named him a Pet Cat candidate of mine back in January.

And then yesterday, while on the mission to find all of the Cowboys UDFA signings as quick as possible, I came across a name I was very familiar with. I let my professionalism guard down (as I've been known to do occasionally) and this was my response.

Then come to find out that yesterday was his birthday, and (as most prospects it seems) he grew up a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

So after my outburst, friend of the blog @astrosjordan hipped me to a video that had put "LDW" in a special place for him. Sometimes, there are situations where words don't really do it justice, and the story in this video provides a perfect example of that. You want a pet cat? You want to root your heart out for a kid you don't know to make the 53 man roster? For a kid to make an incredible wage for playing a kid's game?

L'Damian Washington is your guy.

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