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Follow The New Dallas Cowboys On Twitter; Plus Draft Twitter Takes

Keep up with the newest Dallas Cowboys as they begin their professional careers.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's good to be social.

If you want to be updated on things as quickly as possible, social media is for you. More than just social media, Twitter is the place where everything that happens is talked about in rapid fashion. It's not only for breaking news and instant reactions, however. It's for short takes that offer glimpses into the various facets that make up people's public lives. Now sometimes private lives get included in that view, but it's all about what you make of the experience. There are people who "Twitter" incorrectly, assuming that one snippet seen is the end-all be-all of the tweeter, but most people take the medium for what it's worth.

With all that said, Twitter is fun! It's fun to follow your favorite players and get their takes on what's happening in the world around them. As such, I figured that you'd appreciate knowing how to follow and reach out to the newest members of the team, the 2014 Draft Class.

Here's a list of the players and links to their twitter handles.

Player Handle
Zack Martin @TheGOB70
Demarcus Lawrence @TankLawrence
Anthony Hitchens @AnthonyHitchens
Devin Street @DevinStreet15
Benny Gardner @BennyG49
Ahmad Dixon @MrBU_5ix
Terrence Mitchell @TwoSevenMitch

And while we're on the topic of rookies, here's the list of the 24 UDFAs the Cowboys signed, as well as their respective Twitter handles, where we were able to find them.

Player POS Handle
L'Damian Washington WR @Fe_Verdadera2
Cody Mandell P @CodyMandell29
Dustin Vaughan QB @dustinRvaughan
Chris Whaley* DT @CdubHG96
Brian Clarke OG - -
Jordan Najvar TE @jnaj18
Davon Coleman DT @ColesWorld43
Dashaun Phillips CB - -
Dontavis Sapp LB @kingsapp_41
Casey Kreiter LS @caseykreiter
Chris Boyd WR - -
Ben Malena RB @King1Malena
Ryan Smith S @Smith_AU24
Keith Smith ILB @K_SMITH31
Ronald Patrick OG @RPatrick67
Jarrod Pughsley OT @Pug_Life76
Glasco Martin RB @Glasco_IV
Evan Wilson TE @IHaveA_Evantage
Marvin Robinson FS - -
Jocquel Skinner CB - -
Josh Aladenoye OT @JALADENOYE73
Joe Windsor DE - -
Andre Cureton OG @Who_AC

Now, I can't tell you how to act while on Twitter, but if you were to respectfully welcome each player to the Cowboys AND tell them about how great @BloggingTheBoys is for Cowboys coverage... I'm not going to be mad at you one bit.

While we're speaking of BTB, make sure you're following each of our front page writers. We often have some great in-depth Cowboys discussions that never make their way onto the blog.

Here's a list of the players and links to their twitter handles.

FPW Handle
Main Account @BloggingTheBoys
KD Drummond @KDP10for10
Rabblerousr @Rabblerousr
Tom Ryle @TomRyleBTB
Joey Ickes @JIckesBTB
Dawn Macelli @BTB_Macelli

And while we're at it, please, please Like us on Facebook, the main page is here.


While we're here, let's take a look around some of the more interesting twitter takes from the draft weekend.

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