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Tony Romo Feeling Very Confident About His Back, Cowboys Future

The Cowboys QB finally discusses his back, the 2014 season and his future in Dallas.

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The Cowboys offseason has been filled with conjecture about how they can fix their defense, especially the defensive line. After an offseason of turmoil in letting some prized defensive linemen go, and a shakeup in the coaching staff with both primary coordinators being replaced, the Cowboys have plenty of storylines to keep themselves, and us, busy. None of it really matters if Tony Romo isn't ready to go, or can't last the season with his surgically-repaired back. Everything else is secondary to the play of #9.

There hasn't been much to go on, either. Romo hasn't talked to the press much, all we've had is the reassurances of the Cowboys executives and coaches that all will be well. We all know how those kinds of reassurances have turned out in the past. So the fanbase is naturally on edge.

Yesterday, Romo tried to calm everybody's nerves with proclamations that not only will he be good to go in 2014, but for years after that.

Following his off season surgery Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo told 105.3 The Fan’s Ben & Skin show that within the next month he will be back to one hundred percent.

"Hopefully in the next week or two is a viable time that it could happen," said Romo "but it could be another two or three weeks, but we will be smart in OTA’s but at the same point we’ve got to get to work."

There is no doubt that following his recent surgery a big concern is if he will be able to play a full season for the Cowboys. Romo responded saying "There’s no question in my mind that not only will I make it though 16 games – I’ll make it through another five years."

It's good to hear that he thinks he'll be ready for training camp without a problem. I've always expected that he'll be back this year ready to go, but my real questions is how long will that health last? Is his back going to be a constant problem, a constant worry, every time he gets hit? Romo seems confident, but only time, and hits during the season, will tell.

Romo's confidence extended to more than just his back. He was confident that Johnny Manziel was never an option on draft night based on some insider's information that he had. He also is getting very confident in his offensive line.

"I think we have a great plan for our approach, going forward as a team and an organization, how we’re going to build and be the team that we want to be," he said. "I think they did a great job, and I think Zack’s a great player, and he’s going to start for us for a long time. I’m excited about that."

A chorus of voices in the organization have trumpeted the importance of building strong lines – both offensive and defensive. Romo said he was happy not just with the extra time that Martin should be able to buy him, but the selection of DeMarcus Lawrence to help restore the defense’s pass rush.

"You look at the teams who are the very successful, it’s the teams who dominate up front on both sides of the ball," he said. "You’ve got to build it that way – that’s part of it. It was a great night, and I think we had a great pick."

Final thoughts from Romo - he's a Cowboy through and through.

"It’s about the team you grew up with, that you started off with. That is your team. You put everything into it and the joy comes from accomplishing it with so many people, and the fans and the state. I’m going to be here for good."

"I would rather fight until the end and give everything I have and leave it out there for the Dallas Cowboys than go somewhere else and do something special for a couple years," Romo said. "It just doesn’t seem that that would be enjoyable at all to me."

Of course, the cynic in me would say that for the size of his contract, there's no doubt he'll be here. Still, I like the enthusiasm.

So BTB, do Romo's words reassure you any? Are you feeling any better about his health?

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