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Dallas Cowboys 2014 Draft Picks: Best And Worst Case Scenarios

Let's play the projection game while the news is slow.

Rick Yeatts

On a lazy Sunday, let's take a look at the 2014 draft class and project their highs and lows for this season only. We won't project them beyond 2014, and while the worst case scenario for the lower round picks is to obviously not make the roster, we need to identify why that would happen. Here's my look, let's hear what you have to say in the comments.

Zack Martin

Best Case: Starts at right guard, makes the All-Rookie team. Is so good, there are no thoughts of moving him out to tackle.

Worst Case: Projected as being able to make the switch from tackle to guard, he actually can't play the position. Cowboys shave to scramble for relief and hope they can make a tackle out of him in 2015.

DeMarcus Lawrence

Best Case: Becomes the pass-rushing specialist and actually gets double-digit sacks. Even though it won't be fair, the "next great DeMarcus" comparisons are thrown around.

Worst Case: Doesn't have the strength or speed to elevate his game to the NFL level and teams constantly run on him when he is in the game. Becomes such a liability that has to be benched in hopes he can be corrected in the offseason.

Anthony Hitchens

Best Case: Never sees the field. What? That's right, if Hitchens never sees the field on defense, it will mean Sean Lee has stayed healthy all of 2014.

Worst Case: Sees the field on defense, and proves that the experts were right and the Cowboys drafted him too high. Visions of 2013 happen all over again.

Devin Street

Best Case: Secures the #3 wide receiver spot and proves adept at playing the slot. Makes teams pay for doubling up on Dez Bryant.

Worst Case: Gets pushed around the field by stronger corners, unable to get separation without elite speed. Cowboys have to turn to Cole Beasley exclusively to man the third wide receiver position.

Ben Gardner

Best Case: Proves that his brawler style and surprising athleticism works at defensive end and becomes the backup defensive end on the left side behind George Selvie.

Worst Case: Doesn't make the team because he can't get into the backfield and cause disruption, is beat out by potential teammates like Ceasar Rayford or even Ben Bass.

Will Smith

Best Case: Turns out to be a special teams demon, makes the team and becomes the guy fans talk about when they mention special teams kick coverage.

Worst Case: Simply is not big enough to handle the pounding, even at the Will spot, ends up being cut because he doesn't show special teams promise, either.

Ahmad Dixon

Best Case: Surprises everybody and works his way into the safety rotation, outplaying competitors like J.J. Wilcox and Matt Johnson. Cowboys just can't keep him off the field.

Worst Case: Gets cut because his reputation as a big hitter and a special teams guy turns out to be just a college thing.

Ken Bishop

Best Case: Proves that he is one of the best 1-tech guys the Cowboys have on the team and manages to work his way into regular rotation on the defensive line.

Worst Case: Turns out all those guys he was beating at Northern Illinois were just not prime-time players, the jump in competition exposes him and he ends up getting a visit from the Turk.

Terrance Mitchell

Best Case: Starts the season as the fourth corner, beating out B.W. Webb and all other challengers. Shows so much potential the Cowboys can consider cutting a Carr or Claiborne in 2015 if they have a poor season this year.

Worst Case: Despite his quickness, his lack of top-end speed and questionable physicality is too much of a hindrance. Then fails to land on special teams.

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