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Blogging The Boys Honors Our Military On Memorial Day

Take a moment today to remember the reason for this holiday.


Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, and hopefully everyone has a safe and enjoyable day.

Everyone take some time to remember what we memorialize on this day. In a world that does not play by a set of rules with guys in black and white stripes to enforce them, far too often the only thing standing between us, our loved ones, and our communities and those who would do us harm are the men and women who serve in the armed forces of our country. For the 238 years the United States has existed, there have been far too many times when those servicemen and women have shed their blood. In some cases, the reasons for their sacrifice has been murky or poorly thought out, but no matter what causes them to go in harm's way, they have done so, and deserve to be honored. Most of them were young, and their loss is even more tragic. Remember those who gave all.

Blogging The Boys is proud to be a link between our readers and the Dallas Cowboys, and we are especially proud to know that many of the readers who come here are serving their nation in uniform. Today, we offer our deep gratitude for your service and hope that all deployed personnel return home safely. For all who have served in the past (a group I am proud to be a member of), thank you as well.

Take a moment to speak of your service in the comments, or to express you own thoughts to those who do serve.

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