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Cowboys Have The Third-Most Travel Miles In 2014 Season

Now boarding first-class passengers only...

Mark Nolan

We don't know what other statistical categories where the Cowboys will end up as a top five team for the 2014 regular season, but we do know one. The Cowboys will travel the third-most miles among NFL teams. Of course, a lot of that is because of their trip to London on Nov. 9th (Week 10 of the season) to play the Jacksonville Jaguars. Four of the top five travel teams in 2014 have the London trip on their schedule.

2014 NFL travel miles (Road games where team travels over 2,000 miles)
1. Raiders: 36,106 miles (4 -- including London)
2. Seahawks: 26,144 (3)
3. Cowboys: 24,746 (1 -- including London)
4. Dolphins: 24,546 (1 -- including London)
5. Jaguars: 22,230 (2 -- including London)

Does how much a team travels really matter?

Travel distance didn't seem to have too much affect on San Francisco in 2013. Despite traveling the most miles of any team last year, the 49ers still managed to reach the NFC title game. The five teams that traveled the farthest in 2013 -- the 49ers, Chargers, Raiders, Seahawks and Cardinals -- combined to finish with a 48-32 record.

The five teams that traveled the fewest miles last season -- the Lions, Bears, Packers, Browns and Jets -- combined to finish 35-44-1.

However, the numbers are slightly different for 2012. The five teams that traveled the most that year combined to go 40-38-2, while the five teams that traveled the least combined to go 49-31.

What may be more problematic for the Cowboys is the insane schedule they have around the Thanksgiving Day game.

How did the NFL come up with a night game on the road against the Giants on a Sunday, followed by a Thursday Thanksgiving game, followed by another Thursday night game the following week at the Bears? Simply brutal scheduling.

At least the Cowboys get a bye the week after the London game and the week before that three game stretch mentioned above. Here's the full schedule as a reminder. If you want to read an interesting statistical analysis about travel and wins and losses, go here.

Week 1: San Francisco 49ers (Sept. 7th, 4:25 EST, FOX)
Week 2: @ Tennessee Titans (Sept 14th, 1 PM EST, FOX)
Week 3: @ St. Louis Rams (Sept. 21st, 1 PM EST, FOX)
Week 4: New Orleans Saints (Sept. 28th, 8:30 PM EST, NBC)
Week 5: Houston Texans (Oct. 5th, 1 PM EST, CBS)
Week 6: @ Seattle Seahawks (Oct. 12th, 4:25 PM EST, FOX)
Week 7: New York Giants (Oct. 19th, 4:25 PM EST, FOX)
Week 8: Washington Redskins (Oct. 27th, 8:30 PM EST, ESPN)
Week 9: Arizona Cardinals (Nov. 2nd, 1 PM EST, FOX)
Week 10: @ Jacksonville Jaguars (London) (Nov. 9th, 1 PM EST, FOX)
Week 11: BYE
Week 12: @ New York Giants (Nov. 23rd, 8:30 PM EST, NBC)
Week 13: Philadelphia Eagles (Nov 27th, 4:30 PM EST, FOX)
Week 14: @ Chicago Bears (Dec. 4th, 8:25 PM EST, NFL Network)
Week 15: @ Philadelphia Eagles (Dec 14th, 8:30 PM EST, NBC)
Week 16: Indianapolis Colts (Dec. 21st, 4:30 PM EST, CBS)
Week 17: @Washington Redskins (Dec. 28th, 1 PM EST, FOX)

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