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Expanded Playoffs: Good Idea Or Bad Idea?

It looks like a done deal.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

It won't happen this year, but it sounds like it will definitely happen in 2015. I'm talking about the expanded playoffs for the NFL. Roger Goodell has all but said it's happening in 2015.

"I do believe it will be approved for the 2015 (season)," Goodell said. "I think we want to see one more year of, will it impact the regular season in a positive way from a competitive standpoint? Will it create more excitement, more races toward the end of who's going to qualify for the playoffs?"

And if Goodell wants it, it's almost certain to happen. Jerry Jones, for one, is very much on board with the change. The idea is to add one more wild-card team in each conference.

"I am pleased that we’re looking at expanding the playoffs," Jones said on the NFL Network. "I think what a playoff means to a team and to a city is unquestioned. Now, from the Cowboys standpoint, maybe it will give us a better chance to be in the playoffs, so I’m an easy vote on this one.

"Seriously, I think it really enhances what we’re always trying to do, and that’s fan interest. Any time, at such a critical time for teams to be able to show their fans that they’re doing the kinds of things that maybe gives you a chance for a Super Bowl, that’s going in the right direction."

But if you thought that adding an extra spot the last few years would have helped the Cowboys into the playoffs, you'd be mistaken.

Adding two playoff teams – one to each conference – would certainly improve the Cowboys’ odds, however, even in that scenario, Dallas still would not have reached the postseason the last four seasons.

So do you favor expansion of the playoffs? Vote in the poll then hit up the comments with your thoughts on the subject.

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