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Early Predictions On Cowboys Fantasy Football Prospects

It's a fantasy that football season is close, but it's not too far away.

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It's never to early to start taking a look at fantasy football. In the long offseason, why not spend a little time distracting ourselves thinking about fantasy football? SB Nation blog, Fake Teams, keeps a constant vigil on fantasy sports and they are starting their early looks at the football landscape. While the NFL experts generally doubt the Cowboys 2014 prospects, mainly because of the defense, the offense is a powerhouse in the fantasy world.

In their early look at quarterbacks, Tony Romo comes in at a solid #6. That makes him a Tier 2 QB.

6. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys - With former Lions OC, Scott Linehan in the fold, the Cowboys should become more pass happy. I worry about Romo's back injury but, if healthy, should produce greatly with the amount of attempts he will get in this system.

There is a question of just how much Linehan will pass in Dallas. Usually when he has a good running back to work with, he will utilize that asset. But even then, he uses them as runners and pass-catchers, where short passes are de facto runs. If Linehan is going to keep the Cowboys passing the ball, someone will have to catch them. So the wide receivers of the Cowboys are also a good bet.

3. Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys- Expect a monster year in Scott Linehan's pass-happy offense.

36. Terrance Williams, Dallas Cowboys- Has a great opportunity to become the #2 receiver in a prolific passing offense.

At #3 Dez is a Tier 1 prospect with good reason. His 13 TDs last year bode well for 2014. Terrance Williams sneaks in as a WR 3 - 4 prospect (Tier 4), but that could climb as the season rolls on if Romo's back is healthy and teams have to double Dez.

The Senator, Jason Witten, also clocks in at a high position, #5 among tight ends. In PPR leagues Witten is usually a monster, and with his 8 TDs last year, he proved valuable in traditional scoring leagues, too.

The one area they haven't projected yet at Fake Teams is the running back spot. It will be interesting to see where they have DeMarco Murray. He had a huge year last year and he might have an improved line to run behind in 2014. With Linehan, he could become a force in the passing game, too. But, he has competition for touches with a healthy Lance Dunbar and the recently signed Ryan Williams along with holdover Joseph Randle. Also, if Linehan skews too heavily to the pass, his yards and TDs could dip if the passes are going to wide receivers and tight ends.

Where would you rank Murray? And are you as confident in the Cowboys offense as these rankings appear to be?

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