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Henry Melton Has Message For Cowboys Defense

Sometimes a voice from the outside can send a message loud and clear, and now new Cowboy Henry Melton has one for the team he is joining.

Thank goodness we shouldn't see this again with Melton now in Dallas
Thank goodness we shouldn't see this again with Melton now in Dallas
Ronald Martinez

Henry Melton, a Dallas area native and former Chicago Bears Pro Bowl defensive tackle, has a message to send to the players on the new defensive unit that he will be joining this coming season. Although there are few big names left on the Dallas Cowboys defense, thanks to the departure of DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher, the outsider who has returned home does not see that as being a big issue for the Rod Marinelli led squad.

"There’s a lot of athletic guys, we got. There aren’t a lot of big names on it, but it’s like I told them before, it’s about making a name for yourself. No one knew who I was when I first started, so it’s all about making a name for yourself. Looking around this room, there’s a lot of guys that are going to."

"We got a lot of talent on the defense, a lot of names that people don’t know that are going to make names, so I’m excited to play with them. I think we got a lot of key components to really get it done." - Henry Melton

During his time in Chicago, when Henry was making that name for himself, he was able to witness first hand what Coach Marinelli was able to do with the Bears defense and he sees no reason why the same thing cannot be accomplished in Dallas. Melton knows that names don't tackle people, athletes do; he feels that the current roster that his coach has the athletic talent that, when combined with what Marinelli teaches, will catapult the players around him to success. He has seen it done before.

With his message to his teammates, not only is Henry Melton providing a bit of the veteran leadership that will be needed with Sean Lee being sidelined for the year, but he is also laying the onus on his teammates to reach their full potential by tapping in to the resources that are available to them. He sees that the pieces are in place for this team to get serious, and he is challenging everyone, himself included, to make or continue to make a name for themselves.

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