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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Can Murray And Dunbar Be Space Cowboys?

Latest Cowboys headlines: The running backs are looking forward to being used in space a little more; Henry Melton is targeting training camp for a return to practice; the "most mysterious of all Dallas Cowboys" has re-joined the team and is healthy.

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Lance Dunbar excited for role in Dallas Cowboys' offense - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Dunbar has been "full speed for the entire offseason" after suffering a season-ending knee injury in the Week 13 game against the Raiders, and is excited about Linehan's track record of involving his running backs in the passing game with "a lot of screens and stuff."

"It's pretty exciting," Dunbar said. "There's a lot of screens and stuff. He got them the ball in space."

Lions running backs Reggie Bush and Joique Bell combined for more than 100 catches. Bush caught 54 passes for 506 yards. Bell caught 52 for 485 yards.

Linehan should spend many hours every week thinking about ways to get Lance Dunbar and DeMarco Murray isolated against linebackers in the short passing game. There is no way linebackers can keep up with either player, and if a defense is in man with everybody turned away from the QB, both players are going to run for a long time.

DeMarco Murray welcomes more rushing attempts - Calvin Watkins, ESPN Dallas
Hot on the heels of KD Drummond's article proclaiming that Scott Linehan liking to run the rock is a bit of an urban legend, Watkins tries emulating James Joyce with a bit of stream-of-conciousness writing. Watkins first argues that Linehan "doesn’t forget about the run game," because he - wait for it - involves his running backs in the passing game. After establishing that Linehan won't forget the run game, Watkins then concedes that "the overall scheme might not change" after all, and that it is in fact improvements in personnel which could lead to more runs for Murray. He then concludes out of nowhere that "more than anything else a change is needed in how the franchise does things."

A Starting Point for 2014 Running Back Projections -
Looking for some fantasy help? Chase Stuart calculates regressions for five different sets of stats to arrive at his fantasy running back projection for 2014. You won't have to look far for DeMarco Muarry, he's ranked No. 4 on Stuart's list.

Melton Inching Back, Setting Sights On Training Camp - Rowan Kavner,
Melton said that when he signed with the Cowboys back in March, the plan was for him to be "full go for training camp", and that both sides knew that OTAs were probably too early for a comeback. In the meantime, Melton is focusing on getting "as strong as possible".

Bruce Carter knows he has "a lot to prove to everybody, myself especially" - Charean Williams, Star-Telegram
Bruce Carter is determined to deliver a better performance than he did last season, and has worked hard towards that goal this offseason.

"I’ve been here since the season ended," he said. "I’ve been working out. I spent less time at home. Just working out with our strength coaches, just being around the facility a lot, seeing the coaches and whatnot. I’m putting in that work. That’s all that really matters."

Dallas Cowboys safety Matt Johnson hopes this is the year - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Archer calls Matt Johnson the "most mysterious of all Dallas Cowboys," and provides a refresher on why Johnson is still with the Cowboys.

Stephen Jones: Don't bet against Sean Lee - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
There has been some speculation that Sean Lee could potentially return from his injury at the very end of the season. This article is not about that, even if the headline could be interpreted in that way. This is simply Stephen Jones expressing confidence about Sean Lee "returning to form in the future."

Eyes on Stats, Players Hire Help to Crunch Them -
You've heard about personal trainers, personal bodyguards, and personal assistants. But personal statisticians? Scott Cacciola profiles Justin Zormelo, a 30-year-old Georgetown graduate, who is a part of the growing breed of personal statisticians for NBA players, who help players as they work their way through advanced analytics.

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