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Stephen Jones Says Dez Bryant Long-Term Extension Possible Even Before 2014 Season Begins

The Cowboys Vice-President weighs in on the Dez negotiations.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week Dez Bryant let it be known that his agent, Eugene Parker, had already started preliminary negotiations with the Cowboys about a long-term contract extension. In that article Dez noted that he wanted to be paid like one of the top receivers in the league. It sounds like that won't be a problem for the Cowboys. Stephen Jones spoke about the negotiations on the radio and suggested that a deal will happen possibly before the season begins, or sometime during the 2014 season.

Vice-president Stephen Jones said the team has already begun contract talks with Bryant and his agent Eugene Parker. He said it's "a real possibility" that a deal could be consummated during the 2014 season if not before.

"We’re certainly taking a long look at that," Jones said during a radio interview 1310 The Ticket. "As we do with any great player in our organization who’s nearing the end of a contract, we start to look at it and see how we might structure something going forward. I think that’s a possibility, yes."

Glad to hear that both Dez and the Cowboys are on the same page about that. Now, we need to see if they can get on the same page about the particulars of the contract. I can't imagine it will be too hard, the market for the top receivers has been set by recent contracts, and the Cowboys know they will have to pay Dez as one of the top guys.

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