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Get To Know Anthony Barr In A 5-Minute Video Clip

Could he end up in Dallas?

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

One guy we've talked about a lot here at BTB is UCLA outside linebacker slash defensive end, Anthony Barr. The Cowboys desperately need a guy who can rush the quarterback after losing DeMarcus Ware to free agency in the offseason. While they have ends like George Selvie, Jeremy Mincey, Anthony Spencer, and Tyrone Crawford among others, none of those guys fulfill the role of the speed rusher who can work a left tackle and create havoc in the opponent's backfield. There are many who believe Barr could be that guy.

The rub is - will he be available for the Cowboys at pick #16? Like Aaron Donald, his trajectory on draft boards this offseason has been up on the whole. Many mocks and draft boards have him as a Top 10 pick and out of the Cowboys range. But there are also dissenters who believe he's still too raw after changing positions from running back, or that he's a one-trick pony who will hurt the team in other areas. Barr challenges those notions in the following video where he discusses his college career, prepping for the draft and why he chose not to go to New York to be at the event in person.

Barr appeared on The Jim Rome Show last night and here is the segment.

More video about Barr.

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