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NFL Draft 2014 Live Blog II: Round One

Enjoy the draft as we wait for the Cowboys to go on the clock.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

[UPDATE]: Is Johnny Manziel going to end up in Dallas? I would have never thought it. Cowboys still may go Zack Martin if he gets past Steelers.

[UPDATE]: Boooo! The Rams take Aaron Donald!

[UPDATE]: Giants pass on Donald, Odell Beckham Jr. is the choice.

[UPDATE]: Taylor Lewan to the Titans, Donald still available. Cowboys move up?

[UPDATE]: Vikings don't take Aaron Donald, select Anthony Barr instead.

[UPDATE]: The Bucs pass on Aaron Donald, choose Mike Evans.

[UPDATE]: Bills move up to #4, select Sammy Watkins.

[UPDATE]: Whoa, the Jags select Blake Bortles at #3.

[UPDATE]: And the first pick of the 2014 draft is Jadeveon Clowney to the Houston Texans.

Here we go Cowboys fans. Use this thread to discuss the draft as we wait for the Cowboys to go on the clock.

Cowboys 2014 draft picks

Round 1: Pick 16 (16 overall)
Round 2: Pick 15 (47 overall)
Round 3: Pick 14 (78 overall)
Round 4: Pick 19 (119 overall)
Round 5: Pick 18 (158 overall)
Round 7: Pick 14 (229 overall) (from Bears)
Round 7: Pick 16 (231 overall)
Round 7: Pick 23 (238 overall) (from Chiefs)
Round 7: Pick 33 (248 overall) (compensatory selection)
Round 7: Pick 36 (251 overall) (compensatory selection)
Round 7: Pick 39 (254 overall) (compensatory selection)

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