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NFL Draft 2014: First Round Recap & Reaction

What happened in the first round of the NFL Draft and what does it all mean? I'm glad you asked!

Pick Team Player Reaction
1 Houston J. Clowney, DE, S. Carolina Best player in the draft goes #1 overall. That defensive front just got even scarier.
2 St Louis (From WAS) G. Robinson, OT, Auburn What a capstone to put on the end of the RGIII haul. Hall of Fame potential O-Lineman.
3 Jacksonville B. Bortles, QB, Central Florida First surprise of the night! First QB picked, is also the first QB on the Cowboys board, Gus Bradley sticks with the Florida kid.
4 Buffalo (from CLE) S. Watkins, WR, Clemson The shuffling begins, Cleveland trades off of the #4 pick and Buffalo gets a weapon for last year's 1st round QB. EJ Manuel. Great get for the Bills.
5 Oakland K. Mack, LB, Buffalo Oakland picks the right player, and adds a dynamic dimension to their defense.
6 Atlanta J. Matthews, OT, Texas A&M The Bortles to JAX pick opened up the board for ATL, keeping them from having to move up to get one of the blue chip guys, as they land a franchise left tackle in Matthews.
7 Tampa Bay M. Evans, WR, Texas A&M Back-to-back Aggies (whoop!) Tampa teams Evans with Vincent Jackson outside for new QB L. McCown, and OC Jeff Tedford must be dancing.
8 Cleveland (From Min) J. Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma St. I was sure this pick was for JFF, but CLE takes the first DB of the night, to team him with Joe Haden.
9 Minnesota (From Cle via Buf) A. Barr, OLB/DE, UCLA I throw my remote, as my top choice for Dallas goes off the board.
10 Detroit E. Ebron, TE, N. Carolina Wow… This guy up the seam with Megatron outside and Bush/Bell in the backfield; Matt Stafford has gotta be salivating.
11 Tennessee T. Lewan, OT, Michigan Ken Whisenhunt wants to run the ball. Made a good O-Line better.
12 New York Giants O. Beckham, WR, LSU With Hakeem Nicks in Indy, the Giants get an unfortunate (for Dallas fans) match of need and value.
13 St Louis A. Donald, DT, Pitt After a lot of hope building , BTB's collective pet cat goes off the board, to a team with Robert Quinn, Michael Brockers, and Chris Long… WOW!
14 Chicago Bears K. Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech They needed DB help in a bad way… Probably would've gone there even if Donald was available
15 Pittsburgh Steelers R. Shazier, LB, Ohio St. Vaunted 3-4 team taking a prototype 4-3 Will LB…. Proof that at the end of the day, Speed Sells…
16 Dallas Z. Martin, OL, Notre Dame Jerry goes for the steak and ignores the sizzle. A huge sigh of relief in my living room, as the team gets better in an important area, getting a third cornerstone for the OL of the next decade.
17 Baltimore C. Mosely, LB, Alabama Baltimore goes with another Bama defender, and looks to reconstruct their heralded defenses of recent years.
18 New York Jets C. Pryor, S, Louisville One of my favorite players of the draft, to a team that loves impact players in the secondary, a perfect marriage of player and scheme. But could have used an offensive weapon here right?
19 Miami J. James, OT, Tennessee Wow… A pretty big surprise here. A reach by most media boards, but fills a big time need in front of Ryan Tannehill.
20 New Orleans (From Ari) B. Cooks, WR, Oregon St. Sean Peyton, and Mickey Loomis make a jump to add some explosiveness back to their offense and replace the loss of Darren Sproles.
21 Green Bay H. Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama Thought there was a chance Green Bay would have had JFF high enough on their board to take him considering their dedication to a BPA approach, but they get a solid DB to help on the back end instead.
22 Cleveland (From Phi) J. Manziel, QB, Texas A&M FINALLY!!! Manziel goes to a very good situation, with a great WR, a good RB, good defensive talent, and a rabid fan base… Look out NFC North.
23 Kansas City D. Ford, OLB, Auburn There was no way KC could pay both Tamba Hali & Justin Houston. Dee Ford will be a major weapon as a situational rusher in year one, and become a full time OLB in 2015.
24 Cincinnati D. Denard, CB, Michigan St. Lots of old guys in the Cincinnati secondary. Pure press guy to go with the rush they have, sounds like a good fit.
25 San Diego J. Verrett, CB, TCU Another personal favorite goes off the board. SD's answer to Wes Welker, and a very high ceiling at FS (IMO).
26 Philadelphia (from Cle) M. Smith, OLB, Louisville A guy seen as a second- or third-round player taken in the late first after a trade back by an NFC east team…
27 Arizona D. Buchanon, S, Washington St. He is the finishing touch on a very good Cardinals secondary, who will be an enforcer as a box safety and a resource for Todd Bowles.
28 Carolina K. Benjamin,WR, Florida St They almost had to go WR here didn't they? Big target makes Cam Newton's life easier.
29 New England D. Easley, DT, Florida NO!!!! I knew that there was a very good chance Easley would come off the board somewhere between this pick and the end of the round, but it doesn't ease the pain of seeing my personal pet cat going off the board.
30 San Francisco J. Ward, S, Northern Illinois Jimmie Ward, with Eric Reid, behind that defensive front 7, that's intriguing for sure!
31 Denver B.Roby, CB, Ohio St. Denver continues their defensive carpet bomb from free agency with a talented young CB who will get to cover #2 WR's every week and should be very good.
32 Minnesota (From Sea) T. Bridgewater, QB, Louisville You just knew someone would be coming up to take a QB away from Houston, and old Norv Turner climbed up on the table and pounded for Bridgewater. Good for Teddy to land in round 1, in a good situation with that run game, and a great OC.

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