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Twitter Reactions To Cowboys Picking Zack Martin

ESPN was #WrongAsUsual

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some of our favorite tweets from the first day of the draft:


Here's a guy you need to follow, pronto.

"Most Secure" >< "Sexy", but it works just as well.

Here's a quasi-endorsement by Jeff Fisher

Hurt feelings and trampled sensibilities.

This is so uncomfortably close to the truth, Cowboys fans may not laugh quite as hard as other NFL fans.

Everybody knows this feeling:

The GWOD. Get used to the acronym.

Hint: It doesn't mean German Warriors of Death, Global War on Drugs, or Greater Word of Deliverance ministries.

Totally off topic but some sound advice regardless

Not a reach to expect a quarterback to like an offensive lineman.

What do you say when all you've said before turned out to be crap?

Jerry Jones causes a crisis of faith

And a blinding flash of the obvious:

ESPN is #WrongAsUsual.

How to get clicks: 1. Make up a story. 2. Ridicule the story.

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