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Cowboys Draft 2014 Rumors: Dallas To Move Up For Defensive End? What Could They Offer?

Trader Jerry avoided a first round trade for only the sixth time in his tenure. Could he be making a move in the second?

Otto Kitsinger III

If you were watching the War Room Cam yesterday like most of us; you probably watched an extremely boring picture soon after the Cowboys selected Zack Martin. After all of the fist bumps and awkward handshakes were sent around the room, the Cowboys brass calmly moved over to the camera and placed a big ol' cover so no one could see what they were doing.

Well, now we might have some insight into what they were doing. It appears that the Cowboys were heavy on the phone to try and work out a deal to move up to snag a target.

So that brings two obvious questions to the forefront. One, who would the Cowboys target out of all of the defensive ends that are available. And two, what would it cost to move up to get him.

Let's tackle compensation first. Last night's four trades were fairly in line with the well-known Jimmy Johnson Trade Value Chart. The last three trades had point value differences of 17, 34 and 95. Yes, the 95 is a big deal, until you realize the team on the "short" end was Cleveland, who won their initial trade back with Buffalo by a wide margin. If you value a future pick at half the points of a current year pick, Cleveland ended up +250 for allowing the Bills to snag Sammy Watkins. Wow. So they had "extra value" already and had no problem spending it to go get their franchise quarterback.

So that's all to say that the TVC is alive and well; so we will proceed to look at scenarios in that light.

Dallas currently has the 47th pick (430 pts), the 78th (200), the 119th (56), the 158th (28.2) and three sevenths all worth approximately two points each. Here's a table that I use when working out mock trades which works out the values that a team can come up with by combining various picks remaining.

2nd Rd 3rd Rd 4th Rd 5th Rd 7th - 1 7th - 2 7th -3
Pick Number 47 78 119 158 229 231 238
Core Value 430 200 56 28.2 2 2 2
630 686 714.2 716.2 718.2 720.2
486 514.2 516.2 518.2 520.2
458.2 460.2 462.2 464.2
432 434 436
432 434

The chart isn't as difficult to read as it appears. The easiest way to interpret it is to follow the outside of the triangle.

Going along the top row shows you the maximum value Dallas could achieve by including all picks "to that point". Dallas packages it's 2nd, 3rd and 4th? They'd have 686 points to deal with. The last value of each column indicates the point value of combining the highest remaining pick (2nd rounder) with the selection at the top. For instance, combing the 2nd and the last seventh, Cowboys could total 432 points. Combining the 2nd and their 5th would net 458.2 points.

As you move up a column, you are adding the next highest pick to the equation. Dallas' 2nd and 5th would total 458.2 points, where as their 2nd, 4th and 5th would total 514.2 point.

So if Dallas was looking to move up to Houston's 33 spot (which is rumored to be for sale), they could package their 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounders (47, 78, 119) to Houston and get back their 2nd and 4th (33, 101).

If Dallas wanted to hold onto their third-rounder at all costs, their 2nd and 4th (486 pts) could get them to Tennessee's spot at No. 42 (480 pts).


As for who they'd be interested in moving up for, the most circulated name is Demarcus Lawrence out of Boise State. Many feel he is the last remaining "double-digit sack" a season defender left on the board and it's rumored Dallas had a first-round grade on him.

Other targets could include Scott Crichton and Kony Ealy. We don't know how the Cowboys value all of the remaining players, but we do have a big board based on the Cowboys player profiles to use as a reference point.

So what do you think? Answer our poll and vote on whether or not you are on board with Dallas combining resources to go and get their guy.



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