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Cowboys 2014 Draft Picks After Trade With Redskins; What The Trade Chart Says About The Trade

The Cowboys made a move in the draft altering their pick schedule.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys lived up to their reputation of trading picks on draft day when they moved up to grab defensive end Demarcus Lawrence. The Cowboys were scheduled to pick #47 overall (15th in the second round), instead they worked a trade with their NFC East rivals, the Washington Redskins, moving up to the second pick in the second round (#34). In order to get there, Dallas gave up their second round pick (#47) and their third round pick (#78). With the Cowboys needing to fill plenty of holes on their defense, it was a big price to pay.

If you go by the Jimmy Johnson Draft Trade Value Chart, the Cowboys came out on the losing end of this trade. The Cowboys pick at #47 was worth 430 points, the pick at #78 worth 200 points. Together that's 630 points. The Redskins pick at #34 is worth 560 points. Dallas gave up 70 points to make the trade

The Cowboys are now done for Friday night of the draft unless they can some how trade back up into the third round which seems highly unlikely. So for the first two days of the draft, in all probability, they will leave with Zack Martin and Demarcus Lawrence.

The Cowboys still have needs on the interior of the defensive line, at wide receiver, possibly at safety. Linebacker help could also be a possibility.

Cowboys 2014 draft picks

Round 1: Pick 16 (16 overall) --- Zack Martin (OT/OG Notre Dame)
Round 2: Pick 2 (34 overall) --- Demarcus Lawrence (DE Boise State)
Round 3: Pick 14 (78 overall) --- Traded
Round 4: Pick 19 (119 overall)
Round 5: Pick 18 (158 overall)
Round 7: Pick 14 (229 overall) (from Bears)
Round 7: Pick 16 (231 overall)
Round 7: Pick 23 (238 overall) (from Chiefs)
Round 7: Pick 33 (248 overall) (compensatory selection)
Round 7: Pick 36 (251 overall) (compensatory selection)
Round 7: Pick 39 (254 overall) (compensatory selection)

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