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Dallas Cowboy Live Update OTA Report 6/10/2014

The Dallas Cowboys finally let the media back in to practice...

Rick Yeatts

Lately we haven't been getting a lot of information about the Dallas Cowboys practices. The media has been shut out leaving the fanbase to survive on small crumbs of knowledge leaked out from the sessions. Today, the Cowboys have let the media back in so we'll once again do our running update of tweets and notes from the local media. Refresh the page every so often as new info is posted.

Zack Martin gets a taste of playing center.

An Anthony Spencer sighting!!

Durant may be running with the 1's at the Mike because there is no one else left.

Devin Street receives praise.

The ongoing battle at left guard.

Justin Durant still working with the 1's at the Mike.

Archer thinks Holloman will be limited in practice, Matt Johnson And Ben Gardner still not ready to go.

Looks like DeVonte Holloman and Dwayne Harris are back.

Romo at practice.

Whatever the mystery illness that prevents Amobi Okoye from practicing still hasn't passed. But he may be getting closer.

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