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Tony Romo Looking Forward, Not Back In Latest Interview - Says He Needs To Get Better

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback discusses all things Romo on Friday night.

Ronald Martinez

It appears that this Friday night at 8 PM the NFL Network will be running an exclusive interview with Tony Romo that they bill as discussing his comeback, his future and his family. Romo has been doing some shorter interviews with "print" sites, but has yet to give a full-fledged, in-depth interview since his back surgery and rehab. Maybe this Friday will be the first.

In a clip from the interview, Romo says when asked to assess his legacy:

"You know I'm not into the looking back kind of thing," Romo told Purnell when asked how he'd sum up his career. "You know when I'm done playing I'll do that but right now it's about improving and I'm not done growing as a football player, I have to keep getting better.

"If I don't get better, it doesn't help our football team. We weren't good enough before and it just means that I have to be a better player to help this team get to where we are trying to go and that's my ultimate goal each year."

In the same video as the small preview of the Romo interview, former Dallas Cowboys great Drew Pearson discusses Romo and being the quarterback in Dallas. Only playoff appearances/victories and Super Bowl appearances/victories matter when talking Cowboys QB legacies. That's unfortunate for Romo, who really has been a phenomenal statistical quarterback, but has played on some teams that frankly didn't have the talent to get the team to where it needed to go. Romo is not totally blameless, he's had some years where he's had his own issues. He still has a few years to change his Cowboys legacy as long as his back holds up.

So, is there enough time for Romo to get those playoff wins and Super Bowl appearances needed to cement his Cowboys legacy? Or will his tenure end up below that of Danny White's among the big-name, long-time Dallas QBs? White at least had the Cowboys in NFC championship games even though he couldn't get them to the Super Bowl. Sound off in the comments.

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