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Marion Barber Taken In By Cops For Mental Observation, Neighbors Assert Strange Behavior

Sad news about a former Dallas Cowboy.

Christian Petersen

When Marion Barber was with the Dallas Cowboys, he was always a very private player. He rarely gave interviews, never liked attention and tried to blend into the background as much as a high-profile, punishing running back for one of the most popular teams in America can. On Sunday, something went wrong with Barber and he was taken in by the police for what they call mental observation.

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber was detained by Mansfield police Sunday night and taken to a hospital for mental observation, police said Monday. Barber, 31, was taken to a local hospital after patrol officers determined that he needed to go to a hospital, said Mansfield Officer Thad Penkala, a department spokesman, on Monday afternoon. "This was not an arrest, but he may have had handcuffs on him if he was placed in a patrol car," Penkala said.

It's unclear just how serious of a situation this is, but the police showed up in force to take Barber in. Some of his neighbors recounted Barber's recent strange behavior. Barber was reported to have large chains and locks on gates in the front of his house, with a neighbor noting that no other houses in the neighborhood had anything like that. Of a little more disturbing nature:

The neighbor noted that Barber has screamed at her younger brother, yelling that the 16-year-old who was outside with a pellet gun was terrorizing him. And just a few weeks ago, the neighbor said she stepped out to her backyard and saw Barber in his backyard, but he darted behind a wall as if to hide when he saw her. "Most neighbors will just say hi and go on with their business," the neighbor said. "He never said a word. He just hid."

Marion Barber was always one of my favorite Cowboys, his running style and his quiet nature endeared him to many Dallas fans. Let's just hope this isn't something serious and that Barber will be okay.

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