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A Few Announcements Concerning BTB

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Testing 1,2,3...Testing 1,2,3...

Jens-Ulrich Koch

Greetings BTB community,

I have a few announcements to make.

1. I have received quite a few applications for front-page writer positions and I'm currently sifting through them to narrow down the field. If you sent one in please be patient. We'll try to get this sorted out by later this week or early next week. BTW, thanks to everyone who applied and thanks for the kind words many people sent in about BTB, we appreciate it!

2. We have decided to turn the Twitter account over to our very own Joey Ickes. I've spent a few days manning the feed to mixed results (I'm not very smart about Twitter, y'all), but now Joey will be the Twitter voice of BTB! We couldn't be more excited and we know he'll do an outstanding job. Go get 'em, Joey!

3. We are going to add some other front-page writers, but we went ahead and decided to bring one back off the IR list. Yes, back by popular demand is Kegbearer! He'll have his first return post up sometime soon.

So there you have it, a couple of awesome moves that will move BTB forward into the future. Thanks to everybody out there in the BTB community for your support and I hope we are worthy of it every single day.