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Dallas Cowboys Sign DeMarcus Lawrence, All Draft Picks Now Under Contract

The last one...

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The draft class of 2014 for the Dallas Cowboys is now under contract. The last piece of the puzzle was second-round pick DeMarcus Lawrence from Boise State, the man drafted to supply the pressure from the right defensive end spot.

For those having difficulty translating, that is Lawrence's agent (David Canter) congratulating Lawrence (@TankLawrence) on signing with the Cowboys.

Of all the things that came from the horrible lockout a few years ago and the new CBA that came out if it, one of the best for fans was the rookie wage scale. No longer are there problems getting guys signed and holdouts have vanished, and a huge chunk of the salary cap isn't blown on an unknown. I'm sure the rookies would prefer the old system, especially those drafted in the early rounds, but for fans it's been a blessing.

Now that Lawrence is under contract, let's play the guessing game. Vote in the poll and hit the comments.

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