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Dallas Cowboys Mini-Camp Practice Report 6/19/14

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The final day of the Dallas Cowboys 2014 mini-camp.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

One last chance to check out the Dallas Cowboys before it all shuts down and we wait for training camp. The Cowboys will finish up their three-day mini-camp today at Valley Ranch.

Follow along with the news and tweets as we live-blog the practice. Refresh the page often to get the latest news.

Terrance Mitchell just might be a player.

Ron Leary starting at LG in this practice.

If Jakar Hamilton is your pet cat, rejoice!

Now it sounds like Mandell is just showing off.

Team obviously getting in some special teams work, all the buzz is punter Cody Mandell nailing the jumbotron.

Nice defensive start to the day.

We never talk about Dan Bailey, so here's something on Dan Bailey.

Goes without saying, but we're saying it anyway.

Blue turf on the sidelines at AT&T Stadium, where today's practice is being held.