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Jason Garrett Press Conference: Talks About Replacing Sean Lee, Dez Bryant's Leadership & More

Head coach Jason Garrett discusses some of his players after today's practice.

Rick Yeatts

Jason Garrett held a  short press conference after today's OTA practice. Below is a rough transcript of what he said. Please note, these are paraphrased statements giving the gist of his comments but in no way are they direct transcriptions.

On the work Tony Romo is getting in these practices - He did the same as last week, doing the walk-through sessions, doing those reps, breaking the huddle, and making calls. He threw individual drills, but we hold him out of the competitive part. We believe in practice but understand the situation, injury means being cautious, we constantly evaluate it, do the right thing for player and for the team. His absence in team drills provides opportunity for the backups to get work.

On replacing Sean Lee plan - Sean has a serious knee injury, he is rehabbing it and we are evaluating him. Justin Durant worked at Mike today, have a number of guys to look at, see who rises up to the top. We drafted a couple of LBs so we have more guys than last year, we want to make sure they all get an opportunity, then it's about finding the best three, thinking about who fits what spots the best.

What does Justin Durant bring - He's experienced, he's played different spots in this scheme. He's played in a base set on the inside and outside and he's played in the nickel. We liked his tape from last year, but he was banged up, too. But what his highlight reel looked like - he runs to the football well, we just need to keep him healthy.

How is Tyrone Crawford doing - We liked him a lot out of school and he made a good first impression his first year. We had high hopes for him last year, he's the RKG, he's passionate about game, works hard. He has position flex, can play inside or outside on both sides of the line, we want to give him a chance to use his versatility. He's had a good start to OTAs. Ever since he got here he's taken advantage of his opportunities in any role, he over-produces...He's like Chad Hennings, a 290 lb tackle who would run down the field on kickoffs, same traits as him, he shows up and is capable of doing a lot. Doing things you wouldn't think he could do.

Why did Bruce Carter struggle last year, how can he improve - His background is he's one of the best athletes, but he's played in a few systems here. He had potential, but injuries and changes in systems have been an issue. We need to get him settled into a spot and then let him play. He's gotten better, in the second year of this system will allow him to grow. He studied himself a lot and the defense, he's done a nice job.

Orlando Scandrick becoming a leader -  He has always been a leader, the way he plays, his approach. He's competitive in nature, has an edginess, guys are drawn to it, more guys have their eyes on him.

Talk about Dez and his contract situation - Dez impresses me in different ways, of course he's talented, he's an RKG, loves to play football. We had a cut-up of him in film in a team meeting, a meeting where we talked about getting the ball, securing the ball, etc. [The film cut-up] was at practice in a special teams period. Some vets are with their coaches that aren't participating, #88 walks over to the Juggs machine and is catching balls during that period. I told the film guys to film it. Dez arguably has the best hands ever, a natural catcher. But it makes the point he's not a natural, he just catches more balls than everybody else. He's worn all our arms out in practice. He's not worried about a contract, he's demonstrated leadership. I played with Michael Irvin, he set the pace, the tempo at practices. Dez is like Irivn, he wants to play at high level.

Anthony Hitchens' progression - He's done a nice job, he's a young guy going about it the right way, he's getting better. It's an important position and he's gotten more reps, you can see when a young player approaches it right, he's studying hard.

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