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Poll: What's The Likely Outcome With Kyle Orton?

Nothing has changed for Kyle Orton, but training camp is the next test.

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The battle of wills between the Dallas Cowboys and Kyle Orton rolls on. Next stop, Oxnard, CA, where the Cowboys will set up training camp and hold a first practice on July 24th. All along, like a constant buzzing in our ears, the Cowboys brain-trust has said Orton will eventually report. They pegged the mandatory mini-camp as the likeliest moment for his arrival, but that never occured. The measly fine that produced ($70,000) was obviously not enough to draw out Orton from wherever he is currently. More curiously, nobody from the Cowboys has been in touch with Orton, only his agent, who doesn't seem to be offering much more of an explanation than Orton's silence.

So we wait for Oxnard. Will Orton show up? Will he retire? Will the Cowboys cut him?

From the Cowboys point of view, they basically keep saying the same thing.

"We anticipate [Orton] being at training camp," coach Jason Garrett said. "Communication is a big part of that situation, trying to understand why he wasn’t here and taking the necessary work. ... What we have to do and need to do as an organization is penalize him the necessary amounts of fines and those kinds of things. We also just want to understand and communicate and try to figure out [how] this situation is going to play out that’s best for the Dallas Cowboys and for Kyle Orton."

The Cowboys are fining him, but they only get to collect those fines from his 2014 salary, so they would have to keep him on the roster to actually collect the money on those fines. We know that if Orton chooses to retire, he owes the Cowboys $3 million. Will he show up for training camp and pull a Jay Ratliff?

Nobody from the Cowboys organization is saying it, but there's a wide-spread belief from the media that covers Dallas that the Cowboys really want Orton to be the backup this year. Despite their declarations of how well Brandon Weeden has done in the offseason, the organization views Orton as the superior option at this point and would like Weeden to be a #3 option.

What do you think the likely outcome will be? Hit the poll and then hit the comments.

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