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More Football 101 Articles And Other Things Dallas Cowboys On The Way

A quick Introduction and some useful links to my past articles.

Cowboys Previous Offensive Coordinator Bill Callahan with Tony Romo
Cowboys Previous Offensive Coordinator Bill Callahan with Tony Romo
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Hi BTB readers, this is CoachGary but from now on you will see my name listed as Gary Morris.

I am honored to be among the front-page writers, and hope to continue the momentum that they have already established and to start, I thought I would tell you a little about me.

I am 70 years old and have been following the Cowboys since the days of Dandy Don Meredith and Bob Lilly.  In fact, one afternoon, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Bob Lilly and was also able to invite my father to come along for the visit.

I have a wonderful wife of 49 years, three wonderful children, two of them married, and eight grand children a brother and sister, and two lovable dogs, one a miniature poodle three years old, named Pepper, and a Maltese Poodle that is six months old named Peanut. So there you have it, my whole life exposed.

Well, not really, but you now know the most important parts of my life after already knowing I love the Cowboys and NFL football or I wouldn't be here as a front-page writer. Anyway, I will go ahead and say it one more time for emphasis.... I am a huge Cowboys fan and will always "root for the laundry" as my Dallas native younger brother Bob always says.

If you haven't already read the four articles I am about to recommend below, or if you just want a "quick" review of the important basics of the X's and O's of football, then be sure to read them.

You will find links that are placed in the articles that will also make many of my other "Football 101" posts easy to find. I would like to add that there is a section that has many more from those of us that post these types of articles such as Joey, Coty, and me and it is listed here. Dave has organized them into a nice group for our technical reading pleasure.

If you want to read more articles of mine specifically, look at the bottom of the page of that link I just mentioned and find another link called "More Stories" and click on that to get to the next pages. I hope that once the season starts to be able to write some more technical articles by subscribing to the "All 22" videos and give you guys some of my thoughts from the games played the previous weekend, as well as some X and O articles and general insight articles that I will do throughout the year starting right away.

As mentioned above, I feel the four articles below are the most important reads if you want to become a lot more familiar with terms like 3-tech, and "B" Gap, along with how to understand the techniques of the offensive linemen. (In that last post, I show how offensive linemen are taught to block, and show with photos of how Doug Free was unable to do these basic techniques when he was struggling.)

And now to add a little levity to my first post, here are some (eight) of my pet peeves:

"It is all about execution!" So, if the defense calls a defensive set that puts their players in the wrong place because the offense called a play that went at the defensive scheme's weakness...does it really matter how well the defense executes a poorly called defensive set?

Also, if the offensive coordinator calls a QB sneak on 3rd and 22, does it really matter how well the offense executes? (Remember it was the wrong play call!)

It is mostly about play calls on both offense and defense, and then talent, and then execution, (which I consider part of talent). So, execution is part of it but not all of it.

"Defense wins championships". It is more about having good trench play on both defense and offense, and it is more important to have great schemes because you can confuse the defense with great schemes no matter how good the defense is. In college, a new coach will come in and with the same players increase the offensive scoring from 20 points a game to 40 points a game by installing the new "spread" offense. And that is why I think offensive schemes are the second most important element.

"You’re not a great QB unless you have won a championship!" So, if Scott Norwood had made that kick against the Giants, Jim Kelly would all of the sudden become great? Does Tom Brady win Super Bowls without his kicker? (How many of Brady's Super Bowl wins were by a field goal?)

Teams win championships, not QB's. Michael Jordan did nothing until Scotty Pippen and Phil Jackson came along. And if it is all about championships, then Bill Russell and Sam Jones are much better than Michael Jordan, 11 rings and 10 rings to only 6 for Jordan. Teams win and teams loose....not great players by themselves.

"If a special play works great, never run it again!"  - They figure the defense will be waiting for it, but then the defense knows that you know that, so they aren't waiting for it! And history shows that they never run it again which is another reason the defense is not ready for it!

"If a play fails, keep running it until it works!"  (Run the ball four times from the one and still not score!)

"Always run the ball carrier where the pile is, never to daylight!" - Sarcasm. "Peyton Manning is almost never sacked from the shotgun, but teams still think the QB has to be under center a lot!

"A 5-11 corner is small, but a 6' 0" corner is real tall"

Well now back to work on the other new post that I am writing. Thanks for reading, and stick around for more great stories and info from the best Cowboys site in the world.

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