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Open Thread For The World Cup (USA vs. Germany)

We'll take a break from football for futbol.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The other football has a very important game today. As many of you may know, at least those that follow the World Cup, the USA has a make or break game today against powerhouse Germany. (Bet you know who OCC is rooting for). For the USA to advance to the next stage of the World Cup, the knockout stage, they need a win or a draw, or if they lose a convoluted set of scenarios could still see them through. For those who are interested in the World Cup here is your open thread for game. For those of you guys who don't care, check out some of the other stories on the front page and comment on those. We'll return to all Cowboys a little later today.

Yo can check the group results so far, here.

If you're interested in all the exact scenarios for the USA to go through, go here

If your boss is giving you trouble about watching the game, give him this permission slip.


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