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CBS Dallas Report: Cowboys Guard Ronald Leary Could Be Facing DWI Charge, Suspension

An odd story has popped up based on the timing of events.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We are not confirming anything here, just passing along a report from a reputable source.

This is odd., a local Dallas news station, is reporting that back in September of 2012, Cowboys guard Ronald Leary was stopped for driving erratically and that the arresting office applied a sobriety test that Leary failed. He was accused of DWI and will have a trial soon. How this took two years to work its way through the court system or how no one noticed it before is the odd part. Here is what the article states:

25-year old Ronald Leary was stopped in September 2012 for driving erratically and making multiple traffic violations in Irving according to a police report. The arresting officer claimed Leary had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech and smelled of alcohol. Leary was given a filed sobriety test and reportedly failed. He was asked to give a blood sample, which he willingly gave.

So far, no one from the Cowboys or Leary are commenting on the story. The reporter who broke the story, Austin York, says the trial is scheduled for July 14th.

After conversing with the the reporter, Austin York, on Twitter, he reveals he has sourcing from the Irving police and the Dallas County Courts.

The Cowboys were definitely hot on getting a backup guard with experience into camp, are they already planning on losing Leary for an unknown amount of time? Or was their hunt for a guard that ended with the Uche Nwarneri signing not related at all to this reported incident?

Again, we are not confirming anything here, just passing along a report from a reputable source.

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