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Who Are Most Underrated and Overrated Dallas Cowboys?

Everybody has an opinion, or so the saying goes. Here is one take on which Dallas players take too much and not enough heat for their play.

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Writer Pete Prisco does an annual look at the most underrated and overrated player for each of the NFL's 32 franchises, and his latest is now available. In it, he comes up with a couple of names for the Dallas Cowboys, and I don't think too many here will disagree very much.

Overrated: CB Brandon Carr ­­-- He is a top-­dollar free agent who didn't play like it last season. He needs to step up his game or he could be gone in 2015.

Underrated: QB Tony Romo ­­-- Yes, Romo. Without him, the Cowboys stink. And let's please stop the narrative that he's bad in the fourth quarter. He was really good in that quarter last season.

The criticisms of Carr have become a regular thing here as elsewhere. It is not so much his performance, as how much the team paid for his services. And Carr is getting tired of the criticisms. He has committed himself to earning his full paycheck.

"I just feel like this year it's time for me to step it up bigger than I have in my six years in the NFL," Carr recently said on KRLD-FM, per the Dallas Morning News, "and come out there and produce and make the plays on my side of the ball and also get my guys going, need to get my guys going this year."

The constant barrage of negative comments may be getting under Carr's skin a bit, judging by his reaction to some mean tweets in a video posted at If you haven't watched it yet, follow the link. Some of the responses from the players are priceless.

As for Romo, Prisco not only is saying what many of us have maintained for some time now, he almost had Romo as the most underrated player for the league.

So who is this year's most underrated player? I wanted to pick Dallas quarterback Tony Romo (I mean it), but decided against it because the player I did pick has never been to the Pro Bowl, and that's a shame.

I guess that makes Romo the runner-up, which still is a good acknowledgement of just how overblown the criticism of Dallas' quarterback has become.

So what do you think? Did Prisco hit it, or do you have other names that you think should be considered?

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