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Cowboys Tidbits: Bryant's Back, Dunbar's Dispatch And The OTAs Are Back On!

The OTA's Are Back! Let's take a breakfast bite into this tasty bit of offseason delight.

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Jason Garrett Steps To The Mic, Speaks Highly Of Tyrone Crawford | Blogging The Boys

The Cowboys held the first of three on-field practices yesterday (Wednesday and Thursday will follow), and as is the custom, head coach Jason Garrett stepped to the mic to answer the questions of the curious media. Our fearless leader brought us the highlights yesterday. Among the topics he covered, third-year man Tyrone Crawford.

How is Tyrone Crawford doing - We liked him a lot out of school and he made a good first impression his first year. We had high hopes for him last year, he's the RKG, he's passionate about game, works hard. He has position flex, can play inside or outside on both sides of the line, we want to give him a chance to use his versatility. He's had a good start to OTAs. Ever since he got here he's taken advantage of his opportunities in any role, he over-produces...He's like Chad Hennings, a 290 lb tackle who would run down the field on kickoffs, same traits as him, he shows up and is capable of doing a lot. Doing things you wouldn't think he could do.

Dez Bryant: "I haven't been having any back problems" | Dallas Morning News

That's not the focus of the article, but it's what I honed in on.  For me, that's the biggest discussion point here about a topic that doesn't get discussed a lot. Bryant has had several games that have been affected by his back situation, including having to take an epidural just to get back on the field last November. Of course, the Dallas Cowboys tried to say that Bryant was only having spasms, but he got an epidural which indicates a problem much bigger than spasms.

This is highly important, considering that the Cowboys just spent a season watching their star quarterback unable to stretch the defense regularly as he was suffering through his own disc problem. Also, Dallas is in talks to extend Bryant, so maybe his long-term health should be playing a part in the decision. Cue Sean Lee injury montage.

Justin Durant Gets First Chance To Replace Lee At Middle LB |

Last week, Anthony Hitchens took the reps with the 1's when star LB Sean Lee went out for the year with his ACL injury. Today, veteran Justin Durant got the looks.

But this is another opportunity for the veteran linebacker, who has played seemingly every linebacker position during his seven-year career.

"I'm comfortable. We all basically cross-train in all the meetings to be able to step in just in case something like this happens," said Durant, who said he played two years of middle linebacker in Jacksonville. "I've been studying. I was ready to go. Whatever they tell me to do, I do it."


Scout's Eye: Main Impressions From Week 2 OTA's | Bryan Broaddus

Want a full recap of the action on the field yesterday? Search no more. First hand account from former scout Bryan Broaddus.

  • Last week, Mackenzy Bernadeau did not take any snaps with the first offense at left guard, but that all changed on Monday. Bernadeau worked between Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick with some nice success. Bernadeau had been working some at center as well as splitting time with Tyronne Green, but it was Green that took all those reps while Bernadeau focused at guard.
  • Monday was the first practice where Zack Martin looked like a rookie. Martin has been spot on with the majority of his reps at these practices, but he busted a line stunt by the defense while working with Doug Free. You can tell pre-snap that Free is trying to alert him to the potential for some type of game but he failed to execute the block. Free took Terrell McClain to the outside, while Tyrone Crawford came inside with Martin badly out of position leaning to his right. Crawford was in the backfield clean and would have tackled Dunbar easily for a five yard loss off the draw action.

Broaddus has more tidbits, including a link to OTAs Live so you can watch that portion of practice.

Dallas Cowboys RB Lance Dunbar Says He Might Be Faster After Having December Knee Surgery | Dallas Morning News

Seriously, that's the title. Here's the quote.

"I've been working hard, trying to get it back right," Dunbar said. "I might be faster, I'm not sure, but I know I'm stronger."

Somebody said something about Dallas being interested in Brian Urlacher. | The Interwebz

Unicorn Down! Unicorn Down! | Twitter

Cowboys Install Ballet Bars Outside Locker Room |

Well, duh. Unicorns don't pirouette!


Longtime Dallas Cowboys Executive To Retire |

If you're local to the team, you probably attended a concert or two, or an important high school football championship or two, at Texas Stadium over it's 30-year history. If so, you should be giving thanks to Bruce Hardy, who was the general manager there for more than 1,200 games and events. Hardy is stepping down from his role with the team.

The 67-year-old turned Texas Stadium into a concert venue for music's biggest stars and also helped make it an attainable dream for a generation of high school football players. A friend of Strait's since the early 1990s, Hardy decided the Cowboy Rides Away tour at AT&T Stadium was the perfect moment for him to also ride away from his backstage corner of team history.

"I'm the luckiest guy in the world," Hardy said, not once but countless times. "I've had the greatest life of all: entertainment and what I've done with young people."

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