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The Return Of The "Ask BTB" Mailbag: Send In Your Cowboys-Related Questions!

We dust off the BTB mailbag to answer readers' questions heading into training camp.

Tristan Fewings

In recent offseasons, one of the ways in which we help you (and you help us) to navigate the doldrums of the long month between OTAs and training camp is to open up the world-famous "Ask BTB" series, BTB's version of a Cowboys-centric mailbag. This gives our community the chance to ask questions that might not be answered suitably in an article's comments section of an article. They can even prompt long-form article ideas from individual FPWs - such that you, the shrewd inquisitor, not only have a question answered but also have all kinds of lovely research to back up the response should the question arise during a conversation at a local watering hole.

With that said, I'm happy to announce the return of "Ask BTB" for the 2014 offseason. Every one of you has the opportunity to engage us with queries, wonders, points of clarification, etc. Just imagine that we're all hanging out talking football. What would you like to ask us? Send your questions to me directly, and I will bring them to our team of writers to see who can tackle them for you in a future article.

Please send your questions to "" If you can ask your question in fewer than 140 characters, feel free to tweet it to me @rabblerousr. I'll do my best to keep you posted on our response process - whether or not your inquiry is under consideration and, hopefully, when and where you can expect your response.

Join us as we continue to make Blogging The Boys your number one source for Cowboys knowledge!

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