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Fox Sports: Cowboys Among Most Liked Teams; Eagles & Redskins Most Disliked; Nobody Cares About Giants

Fox Sports came up with a "Likability" power ranking for NFL teams. Lots of people like the Cowboys, everybody hates the Eagles and Redskins, and nobody cares about the Giants either way.

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FOX Sports recently published this outstanding likability power ranking. The article asks a hypothetical question, if people with no built-in allegiance to an NFL team had to choose a team, which one would it be?

The idea is simple: If a fan was neutral, what teams would they be most attracted to.

If you like the Dallas Cowboys, and have nothing but righteous contempt for the teams based in Philadelphia and Washington, you may have found friends for life. Time to saddle up, put on a ten-gallon hat and Cowboys boots, and wave that star-spangled banner, because America's Team remains one of the most popular teams in the NFL - despite what some East Coast wannabe hipsters would have you believe.

7. Dallas Cowboys – As annoying as it may be to many NFL fans, the allure of "America’s Team" still remains; that’s something that people want to be a part of, as there’s a certain mystique that comes with the rich guy everyone roots against.

The Cowboys are the top-ranked NFC East team, and really, it's not even a contest. The Eagles and Redskins rightfully find themselves at the very end of the rankings. Only Bellichick's minions are less likable than those two teams:

30. Philadelphia Eagles – This is an organization that has employed Michael Vick and Riley Cooper in recent years; talk about forcing fans to plug their noses when they enter the stadium. And their fan base is rude, crude and socially unacceptable.

That last sentence? Nailed it with authority.

31. Washington Redskins – Honestly, now would not be the time to jump on board the Redskins bandwagon. They have a racist nickname, an arrogant owner and a prima donna quarterback. Other than that, it’s nothing but stocked cupboards in D.C.

What an unholy trinity in D.C.

And then there are the Giants, who are met with a general sense of apathy; not particularly likable, not particularly unlikeable.

13. New York Giants – Yes, rooting for the Giants is sort of like pulling for Microsoft, the IRS or Bank of America; but organizations with deep pockets, lots of connections and tons of resources tend to not disappoint their supporters.

I cannot find fault with these rankings. Sure, I would like to have seen the Cowboys ranked higher, but that's just the fan in me coming through. But putting my fandom aside and throwing on my totally unbiased realist's cape, I recognize that the guys at FOX Sports did a commendable job in accurately ranking the NFC East teams.

What's your take?

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