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How Much Are The Dallas Cowboys Worth In Los Angeles Clippers Dollars?

The price paid to get the NBA franchise was tremendously inflated, but it is kinda fun to apply the same inflation to the most valuable franchise in the NFL.

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It is hard to figure out exactly how the controversy surrounding Donald Sterling and his racist comments created a wildly inflated demand for the Los Angeles Clippers, but it did. According to Forbes and as reported by Yahoo, the Clippers were really worth about $575 million, so the actual sale price of $2 billion was 3.48 times the price it should have been. Or, in other words, the rush to cleanse the NBA of Sterling's evil and nefarious presence resulted in him getting an extra $1.425 billion in the sale.

Man, did the NBA ever show him who was boss, huh?

While we may feel queasy at how that all went down (and hope that the first step for the next sports franchise owner looking to sell their team is not to figure out what minority to slander to drive the price up), it does raise an interesting question. If Jerry Jones and family were to lose their collective minds and decide to sell the Dallas Cowboys, and were additionally able to find someone equally as stupid eager to buy, how much would the Cowboys be worth?

The people at Yahoo had the same question. Not just for the Cowboys, but for every team in the NFL. Of course, the only one that is really important is the Cowboys (the number one valued team), so how did the value of the Star come out using Clippers dollars?

$8.04 billion.

That is, of course, ridiculously overpriced. Except for one thing: The real price of something is what someone else will pay you for it. So the real price of the Clippers turned out to be $2 billion. I can't help but think that the sale of that team is only going to put some upward pressure on the price of the next pro franchise to be sold in the US. Of course, it is hard to imagine anyone coming up with a figure that would seriously tempt the Jones family to sell the Cowboys, because their entire life is so wrapped up in the team, the stadium, and running the whole empire.

But man. Eight. Billion. Dollars.

Good thing Jerry doesn't appear to have a mean bone in his body. I don't think he could insult anyone enough to drive the price that high.

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