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Cowboys Still America's Team - Even With All Those 8-8 Records

Jealous much?

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Let's take on a light subject for our Friday night.

Yes, we are the team other fans love to hate. We hear about it all the time. First we're bandwagon fans, then we're fans of a team that never wins. Try and work out that logic. Anyway, they can hate on us, mock us, lob insults over our mythical blog wall all they want, because it just doesn't matter. We're still the most popular team around.

In the poll of 1,500 American sports fans 12+, administered over a 12-month period that ended in March, the Cowboys were voted the No. 1 favorite sports team, followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers. The poll also reinforced the NFL’s popularity, placing seven teams in the Top 10. The New York Yankees were fourth, followed by the Denver Broncos at No. 5 and then the two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat, who finished three spots ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Of course, since Richie Whitt wrote that paragraph, he also included a Cowboys slam at the end.

Just imagine how popular the Cowboys would be if they didn’t keep finishing 8-8. Like the Kardashians, the Cowboys are much more relevant than they are talented.

Ouch, but it's actually a pretty good line.

Still don't believe we're the best fanbase around? Check out the results from this supposedly scientific study created by a couple of college dudes. You can head over to the site for their methodology in determining the best fanbase in the NFL, but we'll just take this part.

The top fan base was the Dallas Cowboys. Professor Lewis grew up a Steelers fan in the 1970s so this was a bit of a painful result. Professor Tripathi grew up as a Redskins fan, and is terribly disturbed by the results of the study. What are keys to the Cowboys' ability to create a passionate and supportive fan base? We think it's a long legacy of success, a football mad Texas culture and a state of the art stadium. Over the last three seasons (the time period used to calculate fan equity) the Cowboys have played sub .500 football (Ed. note - technically .500 football) but generated above capacity attendance (at least according to ESPN).

In positions two and three we have the New England Patriots and the New York Jets. New England has an all-around strong fan base, while the Jets are somewhat similar to the Cowboys in that they draw consistently well, regardless of the on-field product.

Okay, all this reference to on-field product is bring me down. Can our beloved 'Boys finally break out with a winning record in 2014?

Just for good measure, this Harris poll from last year.

The Cowboys remain the most popular NFL team among U.S. football fans, followed by the Packers and Broncos, according to results from the most recent Harris Poll. The Cowboys have now topped the list each year since '07.

So are you a Cowboys lifer? Is there anything the Cowboys could do to make you quit rooting for them? Have you indoctrinated your children into the cult yet? Tell us about the depths of your fandom.

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