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NFL Draft 2015: Dallas In Contention To Host, Could Be A Four Day Draft

The 2015 NFL draft is likely to look very different.


Yesterday it was leaked that Chicago and Los Angeles, along with New York, were the cities being considered for the 2015 NFL draft. The viability of New York came into question after Radio City Music Hall said it was booked on the proposed dates by the NFL. We'll get back to those proposed dates in a moment because they could represent a big change.

Before we do that, though, Adam Schefter has tweeted out that more cities are actually in contention to host the 2015 draft, including Dallas.

Jerry and Stephen Jones were quick to tout AT&T Stadium as a host for next year's draft when the NFL mentioned they could be moving it to another city. Looks like they'll at least get a chance to "bid" on it. They certainly can fulfill some of the things the NFL is looking for.

Some of the other factors that will determine the location of the event include the ability to host a fan festival in an adjacent indoor or outdoor space and hotel availability, the source told [Ian] Rapoport.

Now, back to those dates.

Letters were sent Thursday from the league office to all three cities asking for further details on hosting the draft, which is expected to be held April 22-25 or April 29-May 2, per Rapoport's report. Yes, those dates are an indication that the draft is moving to four days, possibly as early as next year.

Okay, at least they are moving the draft back up some, the earlier April dates would be ideal in my opinion. But four days of the draft? Not a fan of that idea in the abstract, I guess I'd have to go through it to see if I really liked or didn't like it.

What about you? On board for a four-day draft? Vote and comment below.

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