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Cowboys Left Tackle Tyron Smith Working To Get Better

Cowboys first-round draft pick in 2011, tackle Tyron Smith, announced his "intentions" to play his way into the Hall Of Fame. The Tyronosauarus still maintains the determination to better his game after receiving a Pro Bowl nod in 2013.

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After a solid rookie campaign that was followed by a setback season in which he struggled to adapt to the left tackle slot, Tyron Smith rebounded with the type of season that many expected him to be capable of when the Dallas Cowboys originally invested a rare-at-that-time opening night selection on the offensive line. Smith earned his first invite to the NFL's post season shindig in Hawaii after surrendering just a pair of sacks in 2013, those coming at the hands of Julius Peppers and Jared Allen. Other than those two instances, Tyron was a stalwart protector for quarterback Tony Romo.

Smith was selected to the Pro Bowl and that was a great honor for the young (he is even younger than this year's first round selection, Zack Martin) left tackle, but he is still driven to better himself.

"I just feel like it’s not there yet. I feel like I’ve got a long way to go. You’ve got guys that are eight-time Pro Bowlers and things like that. I’m still at the beginning stage. I have a long way to go." - Tyron Smith

While, for fans of the team, this may be good news it will certainly bring despair to the defensive ends who play for the Cowboys opponents, especially in places like New York, Washington, and Philadelphia. A Pro Bowl caliber player already, with the drive to improve that Smith is showing, the sky could prove to be the limit for the Dallas Cowboys franchise left tackle.

Tyron is working hard to improve his physical performance and he is also stepping up to become the on-field leader of a rapidly developing unit as well. He is paying forward the tutelage that he received from veteran players when he first broke in to the league.

"Just as far as some of the younger guys, I’m trying to help as much as I can – the same things the older guys taught me it was helpful when I came in."

Given the other recent first-round talent that the Cowboys front office has brought in by drafting first Travis Frederick and then the aforementioned Martin, the future of the Dallas offensive line should not be in doubt, especially with the proven abilities of Bill Callahan as a line coach and a willing and experienced mentor in Tyron Smith. Smith, who is driven to improve himself with every practice, is mentoring the new guys so there is every reason to believe that things will continue to improve upfront for the Dallas Cowboys offense.

Everything up front revolves around the original piece of this incarnation of the "Great Wall of Dallas" (if that is what this unit can develop into). The Cowboys war room got it right when they had to chose between Tyron Smith and J. J. Watt.

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