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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Another Year With A Pass-Heavy Offense?

Latest Cowboys headlines: The Cowboys are projected with the second highest pass/run rate in 2014; Rod Marinelli likes that Cowboys' D has much to prove; Terrance Williams has improved his technique.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

2014 Pass/Run Rate Projections -
Mike Clay projects the pass/run rates of all 32 NFL teams for the upcoming 2014 season, and has the Cowboys projected with the second highest rate in the league:

Cowboys - 2014 Projection: 65% pass (2013: 66%)

Coach (and, possibly not coincidentally, former quarterback) Jason Garrett has a long history of rolling with a pass-heavy offense. Last season, the Cowboys called pass a league-high seven percentage points above expected based on game flow. That’s despite leading on 45 percent of their offensive snaps, which was sixth-highest in the league. As if that wasn’t enough reason to project Dallas as pass-heavy, the club hired Scott Linehan as its offensive coordinator. While with Detroit, Linehan called plays for the league’s pass-heaviest teams in both 2011 and 2012. The Lions were more balanced last year, but still leaned on a pass-balanced offense. Be sure not to overlook Terrance Williams this season. He should be on your WR3 radar.

Rod Marinelli likes that Dallas Cowboys' D has much to prove - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Archer writes that Rod Marinelli liked what he saw from his Dallas Cowboys defense during practices and OTAs. But what he likes the most is the attitude the players are coming to work with.

"I think there’s something to prove a little bit," Marinelli said. "Not something to prove from last year, but there are some guys coming here off the street with something to prove. There are some guys in contract years with something to prove. There are some guys coming out saying, ‘I want to be a better player,’ who have something prove.

"You get that many guys wanting to prove something, then you can become better. Right now what I like is how hard they’re going after their craft."

Look Back At Each WR’s 2013 Production -
The staff at review what the 10 wide receivers currently on the roster did last year, and Bryan Broaddus does a deep dive on where he believes Terrance Williams has improved the most since last year.

Even going back to his days at Baylor, Williams was a smooth route runner, but needed to do a better job finishing with a secure reception. There were snaps where he was in nice position to make a play but by not extending those hands, he allowed the defender the opportunity to make a play. Through these practices, you see less of Williams using this type of technique, and he’s showing improved confidence in extending those hands and putting the defender in a bad spot to have to make a play on the ball. Look for Terrance Williams to take a page out of Dez Bryant’s play book and continue to keep trying to snatch that ball in flight with his hands and not his body.

Can This Offense Carry Another Bad Defensive Effort? -
With training camp just two weeks away, the staff wonders whether the Cowboys’ improved offense can carry another slumping defense in 2014.


NFL PED policy gives perception of success - ESPN
Phil Sheridan argues that the NFL's PED policy is successful at a lot of things, but eliminating the use of PEDs is not one of them.

The NFL was, perhaps accidentally, ahead of the curve compared to other sports when the public was forming opinions about the PED epidemic. The league was catching and suspending players years before baseball even acknowledged that steroids might provide some advantage to players. For fans, who have other things to think about, the NFL seemed to be at least trying to weed steroid users out of its game. That was good enough.

And it still is, for the most part. And so the system continues to work. Throw a couple of high first-round picks onto the list of cheaters, and everyone can continue going about their business. The system continues to work.

For the league, for the fans and for the players, it works. Actually eradicating PEDs would require a much different approach. This one looks good and sounds good and doesn’t cause too much trouble. It does exactly what it’s designed to do.

Redskins DB Tanard Jackson suspended indefinitely by NFL -
Just last month, Jackson declared that he had learned his lesson after multiple suspensions for violating the NFL drug policy

"Going from playing football to working in a warehouse at a 9-to-5 job is a humbling experience,’’ he told the Tampa Tribune. "It’s taught me to never take anything in this business for granted.’’

For the fourth time in his career, Tanard Jackson has been suspended by the NFL. The league announced on Wednesday that Jackson's been suspended indefinitely for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy. For the forseeable future, it's back to the warehouse job.

Four players eligible for NFL Supplemental Draft -
A WR, a LB, a DT and a RB will be available for today's supplemental draft. Rob Rang profiles each player and highlights how this draft will work.

Unlike the televised April draft, the supplemental is carried out via e-mail among teams. The teams, slotted into three groups based on their won/loss percentage the previous year, contact the league with a list of the players they would draft and the round in which they would take them. Any team that uses a supplemental draft pick would then lose the corresponding selection in the next year's draft. The selection order will be determined shortly before the draft and has not historically been released to the public.

The 2014 supplemental draft will begin at 1 p.m. ET. These are the only four players eligible for the draft. Players not selected are considered street free agents and can sign with any interested club following the draft's conclusion.

Ndamukong Suh agrees that Lions have "championship DNA" | ProFootballTalk



How Does Germany’s Blowout of Brazil Compare to Those in Other Sports? | FiveThirtyEight
You understand that I had to share this.

In terms of impressive victories, Germany’s romp ranks among the most notable blowouts across sports more familiar to fans in the United States. A 7-1 win might not seem all that uncommon to baseball fans, so it might help to think of it as the equivalent of a 47-point NFL road playoff victory, or a 40-point win on the road in an NBA playoff game. It wasn’t something you see every day, especially considering it came on the cusp of the World Cup final.

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