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An Open Letter To Jerry Jones

The induction of Harvey Martin into the Ring Of Honor and the Hall Of Fame is long overdue. While we have to rely on others to right the wrong in Canton, there is no reason that the Dallas Cowboys do not rectify the oversight within their own organization.

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Dear Mr. Jones

My name is Dawn Macelli, and I am a front-page writer for Blogging The Boys, and a life-long fan of America's Team. Some of my earliest memories revolve around visiting Texas Stadium with my dad and watching the Dallas Cowboys of that era inflict punishment on the lesser teams that dared invade Cowboys Nation. One of my earliest heroes was Harvey Martin, the legendary defensive end who, until recently, held the team's record for career sacks.

The reason for my letter is to call attention to the fact that Mr. Martin's achievements have long been overlooked and he has not been given the recognition that is his due as one of the truly great Cowboys. The NFL's official record books may not reflect Martin's true greatness due to the league not maintaining sack records during the majority of his career, but team records do. All told, Harvey Martin sacked opposing passers a total of 114 times in his eleven years with the team. "Too Beautiful" was anything but a beautiful sight for NFL quarterback as he bore down with them squared up in his sights.

Martin was a one man wrecking crew for the Dallas Cowboys in 1977. That year he was named as the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year. To date he is the only member of the team to be so honored. That season saw him get to the passer 23 times. Unofficial or not, his mark exceeds the "record" set by Michael Strahan of the New York Giants. In addition to leading the league in sacks that season, Harvey also accounted for 85 tackles, earned consensus All Pro honors, and became a co-MVP of the Super Bowl along with teammate Randy White. It was one of the greatest seasons ever played by a defensive player.

During his time as a Cowboy, Harvey led the team in sacks seven times in his nine seasons as the starting defensive end. Four times he was selected to represent Dallas at the Pro Bowl and after each of those campaigns he was named as either a first- or second-team All Pro as well. His efforts also earned Martin a slot on the NFL's All Decade team for the 1970's. In spite of those achievements, he has not been inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame or the Ring Of Honor.

While it will take the efforts of others outside the Dallas Cowboys family to secure Harvey Martin a place among the immortals of the game, it is within your power to rectify the oversight that has taken place in Dallas. Mr. Jones, Jerry if I may, the time has come for the name of Harvey Martin to be etched forever among the greatest Cowboys to ever play the game. Recently you corrected the snub of Drew Pearson, and inducted that legendary man into the Ring Of Honor. The time has come for you once again to recognize a player who helped build the legacy that you bought into.

Jerry, this is the year for you to again pay homage to a bygone era and induct Harvey Martin into the Ring Of Honor.

Respectfully yours

Dawn Macelli

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