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If The NFL Allowed Jersey Sponsors, Who Should Be The Cowboys' Jersey Sponsor?

The NFL doesn't (yet) allow sponsors on regular NFL jerseys, but if they did, who'd you want as a sponsor on the Cowboys' jersey?

Rick Yeatts

Since 2009, the NFL has allowed teams to have corporate sponsors' logos displayed on their practice jerseys as a way to generate more revenue. In the five years since, the Cowboys have had a little AT&T patch on the left shoulders of their practice uniforms every year.

Five years later, this permission still has not extended to the official game day jerseys, which is a bit surprising for a league that has repeatedly shown that making money is their number one, number two, and number three priority. As some of the top global jersey contracts show, there is quite a bit of money to be made by renting out some jersey real estate:

Top five global jersey sponsorships
Team Sponsor Avg. Annual Value
Manchester United GM (Chevrolet) $80 million
Barcelona Qatar Airways $45 million
Bayern Munich Deutsche Telekom $40 million
Real Madrid Emirates $39 million
Liverpool Standard Chartered $31 million
Manchester City's $63 million deal with Etihad Airlines is not ranked
because it also includes stadium naming rights

And those are just the deals for the jersey sponsorships. Earlier this week, Manchester United announced a new deal with Adidas as the club's jersey partner. The two sides signed a 10-year, $1.3 billion deal that replaces the Nike swoosh on Manchester's jersey with the three Adidas stripes.

According to a Horizon Media study from 2011, the Cowboys, Patriots, and Giants can all land jersey sponsorship deals in the neighborhood north of $14 million a year. That's a little more more than I can pony up to have the Cowboys wear "Fear The Star" on their chests, but it's peanuts for some of the corporate giants already involved with the Cowboys like American Airlines, AT&T Inc., Bank of America, Dr Pepper, Ford Motor Co., Miller Brewing Co. and PepsiCo Inc.

But where would the fun be in having those names on the Cowboys jerseys? If you could handpick a company as the Dallas Cowboys jersey sponsor, who would you pick?

Earlier this year, a designer by the name of Ryan K Fishman as mashed up 32 recognizable corporate logos with NFL teams, and settled on mixing the Cowboys logo with the Converse logo:


You can do better than that, can't you?

Our own Dawn Macelli got a head start on this question, and suggested Band-Aid as a potential jersey sponsor.

Given the rash of injuries the Cowboys have suffered over the recent years I would suspect that Band-Aid would be appropriate.


Over to you.

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