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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Will DeMarcus Lawrence Be A Day One Starter?

Latest Cowboys headlines: Rookie DeMarcus Lawrence should push Veteran Jeremy Mincey; 2014 training camp schedule released; Cowboys acquire Rolando McClain.

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Position Battles: Rookie Rusher Should Push Veteran Mincey - Bryan Broaddus,
Broaddus reminds us that the Cowboys had DeMarcus Lawrence rated as a top 25 pick, and writes that Lawrence may push for a starting spot much earlier than expected.

When the scout’s [sic] studied Lawrence’s work, they viewed him as a Top 25 player and if the opportunity did present itself, Jerry Jones and these scouts were going to use whatever means it took to add him to the roster.

The more he worked, the better he played and to the point that in my view, as much as we were told that Mincey would most likely be the starter opening day against the 49ers, I would not discount Lawrence taking that job from him at some point in time while this team is in Oxnard. It’s not that Mincey is that poor of an opponent but Lawrence just has too much talent not to give him serious consideration for the position. It’s not surprising that Lawrence has had some early success, what is surprising is how small the learning curve has become.

2014 Training Camp Schedule -
The Cowboys release their tentative training camp schedule. Bookmark this if you plan on attending any one of the 16 practices in the 'Nard.

Cowboys Acquire McClain; Put Lee On Injured Reserve - Rowan Kavner,
Kavner writes that the trade for McCain is a low-risk move for the Cowboys, and points out that it was McClain’s hit in the preseason in 2012 that left Jason Witten with a lacerated spleen.

Dallas Cowboys take low-risk chance on Rolando McClain - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Archer writes that the Cowboys took a "low-risk chance for a high-ceiling talent," and that the deal falls in line with their free agent activity so far this year, where the Cowboys spent "wisely if not exorbitantly" on players like Henry Melton, Terrell McClain, Jeremy Mincey, Anthony Spencer and Amobi Okoye. Archer also quotes McClain's agent, Pat Dye, on McClain's status.

"He sounds as excited about football as I've ever heard him," Dye said.

"I see, and Rolando sees, the Dallas situation as a great opportunity given Sean's injury, and you're talking about a great franchise and a great organization," Dye said. "I've described to any of the clients we've had through the years there -- Emmitt Smith, Dexter Coakley, DeMarcus Ware, Marcus Spears, Keith Brooking, DeMarco Murray -- that playing for the Cowboys in football is kind of like playing for the Yankees in baseball. Just an iconic franchise. With kind of what he's done going back to his time with the Raiders, I think that all of this has led him to a point where he feels like the game is too important to him to give up. He's just 24 years old. He's very talented. He's very bright. Tough. Competitive. There's a reason he was a top-10 pick at a position that is almost impossible to be a top-10 pick. Hopefully this situation will go smoothly."

Cowboys report: Dallas continues to bet big on Tony Romo - USA Today
Jim Corbett writes that Dallas is banking on Tony Romo to lead the team forward despite coming off second back surgery, and walks through all key positions in his offseason organization report about the Cowboys.

What's Up, Pro? Don't say 'tomato' around DeMarco Murray -
In the latest edition of this NFL Fan Pass show, DeMarco Murray reveals his favorite recent movies, his fondest football memory and what scares him the most.

Costs of Lane Johnson's Suspension: $934,226 for Johnson - Over the Cap
The Eagles' Lane Johnson was suspended for four games for under the League's PED policy. That suspension is going to cost him close to a million dollars.

Per the CBA rules Johnson will be required to pay back 4/17ths of his signing bonus proration for the season. In addition he will forfeit a portion of a roster bonus that he will be paid in August and will lose 4/17ths of his $495,000 base salary. All told that should add up to a loss of $934,226 for Johnson. He had been scheduled to earn $1,307,404, so he will now play the season out for just $373,388. It is also likely that his guarantees will void with the suspension as it is common for teams to have clauses that coid future guarantees following suspension.

Username changes on SB Nation just got a whole lot easier - Blog Huddle
A one-time option to change your username has now been made available to all SB Nation users, and you can now do it on your own. But you can do it only once in your SB Nation career, so think long and hard before making use of this option. The link above explains how it's done.


Dez Bryant and Orie Lemon getting their work done "Batman" Style.


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