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New Details Reported In Trade Bringing Rolando McClain To The Dallas Cowboys

The ever reliable Todd Archer of ESPN Dallas is reporting additional details around exactly what Dallas gave Baltimore in Tuesday's trade.

Ezra Shaw

When news of the trade between the Cowboys and the Ravens which would send troubled, and twice-retired linebacker Rolando McClain to Dallas was first reported, the terms were believed to be a sixth-rounder from Dallas in exchange for McClain and a seventh-round pick from Baltimore.

However, a little less than 24 hours after the initial reports, Todd Archer, has come through with more details, from "Multiple Sources".

According to Archer's sources, there are multiple conditions which will impact the actual assets that exchange hands.

  • If McClain is on the 53-man roster for more than five games OR on the 46-man roster for more than three games in 2014, AND the Cowboys have a WORSE record than Baltimore in 2014, the two teams will swap seventh-round picks in the 2016 draft.
  • If McClain plays more than 50% of the Cowboys defensive snaps in 2014, Dallas would give up their sixth-round pick in 2015, and receive a 2015 seventh-round pick from Baltimore.
  • If McClain is on the 53-man roster for fewer than five games AND on the 46-man roster for fewer than three games in 2014, the Cowboys have a BETTER record than Baltimore in 2014, Dallas gives up nothing.
  • If McClain plays less than 50% of the Cowboys defensive snaps in 2014, AND the Cowboys have a BETTER record than Baltimore in 2014, Dallas gives up nothing.
In addition, McClain's one-year deal features no guaranteed money, further mitigating the risk associated with this type of reclamation project.

As an interesting and related note, I found this insight on McClain from around the time of the draft. Which can be found at, in addition to being an Academic All-SEC in 2008, this was said regarding McClain...

McClain's reputation is that of a film junkie who urges his teammates to prepare in a like manner, and that appealed to (Former Raiders Head Coach Tom) Cable. "When I investigated him and knew some people around him, he really came back to us as a coach on the field," Cable said. "He was a guy that got everybody in watching film, got guys to get a laptop and have the film guys put a DVD in the laptop and watch it, study. "He's a guy that controlled the entire defense, made the call, adjusted, never came off the field."
"Intangibles: Described as a film junkie and defensive coordinator on the field. Is characterized as not only knowing his assignment on every defensive call, but also the job of every defensive teammate. Incredibly competitive. Never missed a game at Alabama. Voted a team captain in 2009 as a junior."

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