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Cowboys Offensive Line: Tyron Smith As "The Star", Travis Frederick As "The Pivot", Zack Martin As "The Rookie"

Pundits may not be high on the Cowboys season, but the consensus is the offensive line is one of the best.

A few days ago, we pointed you to an article that said the Dallas Cowboys may have the best offensive line in football. As is usual with articles about the Cowboys, even when praising what the organization is doing, there is always the caveat of why it's wrong in the long run, or something equally negative. This article is no different, even though for the most part it is very complimentary of the Cowboys line. One player singled out was Travis Frederick. I think this paragraph pretty much sums up the physical part of Frederick's game.

He may have some work to do in pass protection, but after just one year, Frederick may already be the best run-blocking center in the entire league - an ideal pivot point with the quickness and first step to reach defenders a whole gap over and the strength to simply blow others off the ball.

In addition to the physical portion of Fredbeard's game, he is also trying to become the total package with the mental side. Based on the quote above, Fredbeard is now starring as "The Pivot" in the Cowboys 2014 movie.

But every movie needs a star, and on the offensive line for Dallas, there's no doubt that's Tyron Smith. Over at ESPN Insider, they posted an article listing the Top-10 nightmare matchups in the NFL. These are guys who are such physical freaks that playing against them is unfair. Clocking in at #9 is Tyron Smith.

9. Tyron Smith, LT, Dallas Cowboys

It takes a certain type of offensive lineman to even be considered for this list, but Smith is rare. As one NFC defensive coach said, "He's a freak athlete, and strong. He has great recovery and a great punch." Smith stands 6-5 and 318 pounds, and has the athleticism to neutralize speed/quickness rushers and the strength to hold up against power rushers. What's perhaps scariest about Smith? He's just 23 and will start his fourth NFL season in 2014.

Todd Archer comments that he first started his reporting career covering the Bengals in the 90s. The Bengals would talk about how they would basically forget about the defensive end or linebacker lining up against Anthony Munoz each week, they knew he wouldn't matter. Archer says Smith isn't at that level yet, but he's getting there. He is "The Star."

Finally, every movie needs the new guy, the fresh blood. The Cowboys 2014 offensive line has that in Zack Martin, "The Rookie." The Madden ratings for rookies just came out, and Martin is among the top 13 ranked rookies. Martin is ranked a "78" for you Madden geeks.

We don't know how the rest of the team will turn out in 2014, but the Dallas Cowboys offensive line should be just fine, now and far into the future.

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