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Anthony Spencer Still Hopeful He Can Be Ready By Opening Game

The veteran defensive end thinks he'll be able to contribute, and sooner than most expect.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The long, winding road for Anthony Spencer to get back on the playing field for the Dallas Cowboys still doesn't have a definitive end yet, but the player feels like he's getting closer to it. Spencer has been working on the side in training camp doing the things needed to get back from his micro-fracture surgery, and has confidence that he will play football again.

"I wouldn't be out here putting myself thought all of this," he said, "If I didn't think I could come back and play. I don't have a timetable, I'm just doing everything I need to do to put myself in a position to get back on the field."

He may not have a timetable, but for the second time in the past month he has said that the opening game on September 7th is still an attainable goal.

Still, Spencer said he can envision himself playing in the season opener Sept. 7 against the 49ers. "I hope so. I hope to be back before the first game," Spencer said. "I hope some time around there. It’s hard to say now. We’ve got time and not trying to rush things."

"If I just keep working the way I’m working, I feel like we’ll be in a good place," Spencer said. "Lifting heavier weights. I run little more. I just add a little more to my workout regime every day. It’s getting better."

Based on where he is now, it's hard to see a way that he's available to play at the start of the season. Maybe he's just being optimistic to keep his spirits up. But it is his body, his knee, so he would no better than the rest of us.

So what'cha think BTB, can Spencer make it back before the first game? Can he make it back this season? Take the poll then hit up the comments.

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